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Team News.

Team News

2 days ago @ 2:57PM

XC Week 11 October 21-26

XC Week 11: State Week

Congratulations to Mikayla Cox for qualifying for state.  Congratulations to the girls on their 7th place and the boys on their 9th place at regionals.

  • Monday: @ Doherty 3:31-4:30  Turn in your uniforms, quarter zip, and bag.  Those competing at Nike Sourthwest will be practicing along with Mikayla

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30

  • Thursday: @Doherty at Noon-1:00

  • Friday: Pre-Meet TBD  Volunteers working the football game meet at Garry Berry at 5:30pm or the time Mrs. Montoya will tell you the time in an email.

  • Saturday: State at Penrose Equestrian Center.  Meet in the South bleachers at Noon.


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4 days ago @ 7:34AM

Nike Southwest Information is Posted

Nike Southwest Information

If you met the minimum required times below, you are invited to the Nike Southwest in Phoenix the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Go to NIKE SOUTHWEST INFORMATION AND REQUIRED FORMS to find information and deadlines.


  • Female under 23:30

  • Male under 18:30


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1 month ago @ 10:13AM

Team picture orders
Team News

1 week ago @ 7:53PM

Regional and JV Championship Information

Regional and JV Champ Information

Congratulations on a tough CSML race.  The meet sheets for next Wednesday and Thursday are posted at MEET SHEETS FOR REGIONAL AND JV CHAMPIONSHIPS AT MONUMENT VALLEY PARK NORTH

  • The regional team was chosen based off of the criteria outlined in our team guidelines.  We averaged each athlete's Season PR, the Cougar Classic, and counted CSML x 2.  That average gave us the following team,

  • In no particular order the girls team includes: Mikayla Cox, Kendall Windsor, Tara Veggeberg, Lara Blizzard, Kayla Thresher, Natalie Lovato, Tamsin Clark, Anneka Fisher, Amanda Clark, First Alternate is Emily Hurst, Second Alternate is Kelli Martin.

  • The boys team includes: Noah Elliott, Ethan Roberts, Reece Sparks, Ian Padilla, Isaac Courtright, Christian Presley, Jacob DeLaGarza, Jacob Otero, and Avery Whitesell  First Alternate is Ben Courtright, Second Alternate is Jordan Provencio 

  • Athletes are excused Wednesday after 5th period and Thursday after 4th period to get to Monument Valley North to compete or to cheer on their team.  If you are not competing on that day, you do not have to attend, but we would like it if you could make it

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1 week ago @ 4:32PM

XC Week 10 Regionals and JV Championship

XC Week Week 10 Regionals and JV Championship

Congratulations to Mikayla Cox for finishing 3rd at CSML and Noah Elliott for finishing 12th at CSML.  This week is the last meet of the season for anyone who does not qualify for state.  Let's finish strong.

  • Monday: @Doherty 12:00pm-1:15pm  Speed short and sweet.

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 1:00pm-5:00pm  Pre-meet for JV and easy run for Varsity.  We have practice from 1-2pm then set up the course for the Middle School Meet.  We'll need four lead and/or trail bikes.  Everyone else will be course marshal's or helping in the chute and giving out awards.

  • Wednesday: JV Championship at MVP North.  Athletes are excused after 5th period to arrive at MVP by 2:00pm.  Varsity has pre-meet at MVP MEET SHEET

  • Thursday: Regionals at MVP North.  Athletes are released after 4th period to arrive at MVP by 1:00pm MEET SHEET

  • Friday: @Doherty.  Anyone who qualifies for state and anyone who wants to workout with them for the next week and anyone going to Nike Southwest will practice.  Nike Southwest qualifiers have been notified.  These are athletes who as Female has run under 23:30, as Male has run under 18:30.  We will take times close to these into consideration.  All other athletes turn in your cleaned and dried uniforms, warm up/quarter zip, and bag at 3:30.  Do not bring it to Coach Duensing's office or classroom, bring it to practice.

  • @Bear Creek East at 8:00am-9:15am. We will do a State course runthrough.  This is the last date any CHSAA athletes are allowed on the course before state.


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2 weeks ago @ 10:16AM

XC Week 9 October 7-12

XC Week 9 CSML Week

Thank you to parents, volunteers, and the Spartan Harriers for a team effort at the Spartan Invite.  This week is the Colorado Metro League Championship at Fort Carson High School.

  • Monday: @ Doherty3:31-5:15

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:31-5:00

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30 pre meet then pasta party

  • Thursday: CSML @ Fountain Fort Carson.  Athletes released after 4th period.  The bus leaves the East lot at 12:30.  This is a one way bus.  Parents pick up your kids at 5:15.  Meet Sheet located at MEET SHEET

  • Friday: @ Doherty 3:31-5:00

  • Saturday: @ MVP North located at Fontanero and Culebra 8:00am-9:15am


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3 weeks ago @ 1:49PM

XC Week 8 September 30-October 5 Spartan Invite Week

XC Week 8 Spartan Invite Week

Congratulations to the Spartan Cross Country team for the Girls 1st place and Boys 2nd place finishes at Canon City and to the 31 kids who volunteered at the Marathon on Saturday.

  • Monday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30  Don't forget study tables 

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30 Concession stand donations dropped off at Doherty at 4:30

  • Friday: Spartan Invite @ Bear Creek East located at Rio Grande and Creek Crossing.  Volunteers arrive by Noon.  Athletes excused after 4th period to get to Bear Creek by Noon.  Park closes at Noon for parking.  Email Coach to volunteer or let him know what you can donate for the meet.

  • Saturday: @ Skysox  8am-9:30am  park at the Northeast entrance located at Charlotte and Barnes 

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1 month ago @ 1:34PM

XC Week 7 September 23-28

XC Week 7

What a great week we had.  Over 800 elementary kids ran at Doherty with the wonderful role models we have as the cross country team.  This week we have the Royal Gorge meet on Thursday and work the Marathon Saturday morning.

  • Monday: @ Doherty 3:00-5:00pm Speed work practice

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:31-5:15pm Recovery day

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30pm Pre-Meet then pasta party

  • Thursday: Canon City meet @the Royal Gorge.  Bus leaves East lot at 12:15pm and arrives back to the East lot after 8:00pm.  Cost of admission for spectators is $18 per person if you enter the park.  You can watch the race from the parking lot and road for free.

  • Friday:@Doherty 3:31-5:00pm Recovery day

  • Saturday: Aid station work at the Colorado Springs Marathon.  We will be in charge of TWO AID STATIONS.  We have so many volunteers that they will find us two aid stations near Penrose Hospital.  Specific details to follow, once the Race Director sends Coach Duensing the details.  Tentatively we will meet at our aid stations at 4:30am. 

  • Practice follows the marathon at Monument Valley Park TBA.  Snacks will be provided by one of our parents at MVP.

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1 month ago @ 9:26AM

XC Week 6 September 16-21 Homecoming Week

XC Week 6 Sept. 16-21

Congratulations to the Girls for their 3rd place finish and the Boys for their 7th place finish at the Kadet Invite.  You showed grit and racing awareness through fighting to pass runners all the way through the finish.  Further congratulations to Kendall Windsor for her 12th place finish and Mikayla Cox for her 2nd place finish in Division 1.  Congratulations to Noah Elliott for his 9th place finish in Division 1.

  • Monday: @Doherty Speed work 3:31-5:31

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:15-5:30  ELEMENTARY MEET Wear your Doherty XC Uniform. Everyone works the meet then cleans up afterward

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30 Pre Meet.  Pasta Party at Kelli's House

  • Thursday: Cougar Classic at Monument Valley Park.  Athletes are excused after 5th period to arrive at MVP North by 2:00pm.  NO BUS.    Meet sheet found at COUGAR CLASSIC MEET SHEET

  • Friday: @Doherty 3:31- 4:30 Homecoming Tailgate and game at park across from Garry Berry at 5:00pm

  • Saturday:@ Red Rock Canyon 7:45am-9:30am Snacks provided by TBA

Study Tables Mon, Tue, Thur.  for the following athletes.  If you miss one of them, you don't run Thursday. Eligibility Pull is Wednesday morning.  Any athlete with 2 or more F's will be done for the season and have to hand in their uniforms.

Boys                                                                                    -40836586







Girls                                                                                     -40870808










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1 month ago @ 4:17PM

XC Week 5 September 9-14

XC Week 5

Congratulations to Mikayla for her 4th place finish at Liberty Bell and for her number 2 ranking all time at Doherty with her 18:46.  It was a great week with almost everyone having some sort of PR.  Don't forget the fundraiser and signing up for working the marathon. 

  • Monday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park located at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs.  3:30-5:30

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30 

  • Friday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30  Pasta Party after pre-meet

  • Saturday: No Bus to the meet.  Follow the directions on the  MEET SHEET  Arrive at our camp under the West bleachers by 8:00am.  No one is dismissed until after the awards.  Anyone who leaves the meet before this time will NOT compete on Thursday in the Cougar Classic



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1 month ago @ 9:05AM

XC Week 4: Septermber 2-7 Liberty Bell Week

XC Week 4 Liberty Bell Week

Congratulations to The Spartan Girls for finishing 16th of 38 teams at the Warrior Invite.  Mikayla Cox finished 10th this year.  She modeled determination in the face of hot and dry conditions.  Congratulations to the boys on a hard fought battle where your pack time was solid.  From our newest runners to our eldest, Spartan Harriers were Awesome!

  • Monday: On your own for a 30-40 minute recovery run, or climb a mountain or something fun

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Wednesday:@Doherty 3:31-5:30  Recovery then we will set up our fundraiser.  Wear Doherty blue or green to practice.  We'll be shooting a promo video for the fundraiser

  • Thursday:@Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Friday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30 Pre-Meet.  Pasta Party at the Cox home

  • Saturday: Liberty Bell.  The bus leaves at 5:45am.  We leave early to arrive 1 and 1/2 hours before the meet starts.  They plan to shut down the streets by 7:30.  Bring money for lunch.  We will be back to school around 2:00pm.  LIBERTY BELL MEET SHEET AND COURSE MAP

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1 month ago @ 2:53PM

XC Week 3 August 26-31

XC Week 3

Congratulations in a strong first meet.  We had athlete after athlete reach their race goal.  Those who didn't were very close.  It was uplifting to see the support you gave each other on both Friday at the meet and Saturday during our recovery run at Garden of the Gods.

  • Monday: @Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:31 Team Pictures.  Wear your uniform for pictures.  Workout after pictures.  Order forms are available at PICTURE ORDER FORM

  • Wednesday: @Doherty  3:31-5:00  Open House Night at Doherty. Practice is short so parents can meet their teachers.

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:31-4:30  Pre-Meet then Pasta Party at Ian Padilla's house

  • Friday: Arapahoe Invite at DeKouvand Park in Littleton.  Bus leaves at 12:15pm.  Bring money for dinner afterward at Chipotle, Chick Fil A, or Canes.  Traffic and weather permitting, we'll be back to school around 9:00pm

  • Saturday: MANDATORY PRACTICE.  Long Run at Santa Fe Trail Park and Ride located at the Southwest corner of Woodman and Corporate 8:00am-9:30am

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2 months ago @ 5:51PM

XC Week 2 August 19-24

XC Week 2 August 19-24

  • Monday: @ Doherty for Carver Tempo Loops, Will report out your goals, finish with family challenge family name, and school song
  • Tuesday: @Doherty for recovery run and abs
  • Wednesday: @ Meet at Greencrest entrance of Palmer Park located at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs for hill repeats
  • Thursday: @Doherty Pre-Meet then Pasta Party Location TBA
  • Friday: Cheyenne Mountain Stampede at Penrose Equestrian Center.  One way bus leaves school at 10:30.  Athletes picked up at 5:00pm  Meet sheet located at
  • Saturday:  Mandatory practice at Garden of the Gods.  Meet in Kissing Camels Parking Lot at 7:45am we will be done by 9:15am

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2 months ago @ 5:18PM

XC Week 1 August 12-17

XC Week 1

  • Monday: First day of practice at Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Tuesday: @ Doherty will run over to Carver for K's 3:31-5:30

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 3:31-5:30

  • Thursday: @ Doherty 3:31-5:30 then Parent Meeting in Auditorium at 6:00pm

  • Friday: Practice at Monument Valley Park North 3:45-5:30  We also need 4 volunteers to work the concession stand at the football game at Garry Berry.  Arrive by 6:00pm

  • Saturday: Team arrives at Monument Valley North by 6:30am to help set up then warm up for the scrimmage.  Scrimmage begins at 7:30.  The fundraiser race for parents family Doherty kids and the public 8:05.  Everyone stays until after clean up, awards, and community picture.

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2 months ago @ 8:14AM

XC Week 10 Pre Season Last Week of Summer

Week 9 Pre-Season

All paper work and fees for the Fall season are due by Friday August 9 3:15pm.  If your paper work is not in by this time, you will miss the first week of practice and will not be able to compete in the Scrimmage on August 17, thus WILL NOT RUN VARSITY in the first meet.

  • Monday: @Doherty 8-9:15am
  • Tuesday: @ Doherty 8-9:15 am
  • Wednesday: @Doherty 8-9:15am
  • Thursday: @ Doherty 8-9:15am
  • Friday-Sunday: Run on your own

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3 months ago @ 6:29PM

XC Week 8 Pre-Season July 22-28

XC Week 8 Pre-Season

You may begin turning in you paperwork and fee for the Fall season this Monday.  You will have three weeks to do so.  

All athletes completing the five practices Monday-Wednesday will be eligible to go to WaterWorld on Thursday.

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8am-9:15am and 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Tuesday: @Greencrest located at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs 8:00am-9:15am and at DHS 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Wednesday: Meet at the Eastern most end of Memorial Park in Manitou Springs at 5:30am.  We will take the shuttle to the incline.  We should be back at Memorial Park by 9:00am for you to be picked up or leave Manitou
  • Thursday: Meet at Doherty 8:00am.  Pay your $40 in the Business Office then we will leave at 8:30 from the East lot for WaterWorld.  Bring extra money for snacks and dinner on the way home.  Pack snacks, sunscreen, towel, clothes to wear on the way home.  We should be back at Doherty after 7:00pm
  • Friday-Saturday: run on your own.


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2 months ago @ 5:25AM

XC Week 9 Pre-Season

XC Week 9 Pre Season 2 Weeks Until Season

Get you paperwork in for the season between 7:30am and 3:00pm in the next two weeks.

  • Monday: 8:00am @ Doherty 40 minute run, 6 strides, ABS    Evening run 20 minutes on own
  • Tuesday: 8:00am @ Doherty for hill run through Old Farm  Evening run 20 minutes on own
  • Wednesday: 8:00am @ Doherty 40 minute run, 6 strides, ABS Evening run 20 minutes on own
  • Thursday: 8:00am @ Monument Valley North
  • Friday-Saturday: On own and LOG Your Runs

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3 months ago @ 4:37PM

XC Week 7 Pre-Season July 14-20

XC Pre-Season Week 7

Great week on your road to PR's and for our team to reach new heights.  Remember to run on Friday-Sunday when we don't meet and log everything online to our App.

  • Monday: @ DHS 8:00am-9:15am  45 minutes plus 6 strides.  Evening run on own 25 minutes

  • Tuesday: @Red Rock Canyon 8:00am- 9:15am Tempo Hills

  • Wednesday: @DHS 8:00am-9:15am 45 minutes plus 6 strides then 25 minutes on own in evening

  • Thursday: @ MVP North 8:00am-9:15am Speed workout

  • Friday: On own 50 minutes in the morning then 25 minutes in the evening

  • Saturday: On own Long Run 60-85 minutes finishing your run with 4x400 @5k pace

  • Sunday: 30 minute easy shakeout run or recovery in pool if feeling sore.

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3 months ago @ 5:37PM

XC Week 6 Pre-Season July 7-13

XC Pre-Season Week 6

Great week last week.  You guys killed it.  Those who are on vacation probably killed it too. Don't forget that our workouts are posted at   This week is a big week for us as we are just a month away from our season beginning.

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest Entrance to Palmer Park, (Remember to not bring anything of value with you.  If you do, carry with you to our hill repeat location on Lazy Land Road)  8:00am-9:15am

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Thursday: @ Monument Valley North 8:00am-9:30am

  • Friday: Run with Cheyenne Mountain and Air Academy 7:15am Location TBD or on your own

  • Saturday: Run with Cheyenne Mountain and Air Academy 7:15am Location TBD or on your own

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3 months ago @ 5:46PM

XC Week 5 Pre-Season July 1-6

XC Pre-Season Week 5

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park 8:00am-9:15am at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs.  We will have one coach staying with the cars.  Keep all valuables at home.

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Thursday:  Run on your own or sign up for the Palmer Lake 4th of July Race at Palmer Lake Regional Park 7:00am.  Here's a link

  • Friday: On your own

  • Saturday: Neilson 2 Mile Challenge at Monument Valley Park North at 8:00am race start time

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3 months ago @ 10:43AM

XC Week 4 Pre-Season June 24-29

XC Pre-Season Week 4

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8-9am  25-40 minutes depending on fitness (BASE)

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park located at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs 8-9:15am (HILLS)

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 8-9am 25-40 minutes depending on fitness (BASE)

  • Thursday: @ Monument Valley Park North located at Fontanero and Culebra. Remember that Fontanero is only accesible from the East side of MVP North.  8-9:15am (Tempo 2k's)

  • Friday: On your own 30- 40 minutes easy (BASE)

  • Saturday: On your own 45- 70 minute long run (BASE)

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4 months ago @ 11:12AM

XC Week 2 Pre-Season June 10-15

XC Week 2 Pre-Season

  • Monday-Thursday: Meet at Doherty 8:00am-9:00am

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4 months ago @ 7:36PM

XC Week 3 Pre-Season June 17-22

XC Pre Season Week 3

Don't forget to log your miles on run2win.  Keep building that base.  Anyone interested in running to get in shape for other sports is welcome to join us.  

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8-9AM

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park 8-9AM.  Located at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs.  Take Austin Bluffs West past Meadowland to the first left after Dunkin Donuts.

  • Wed: @Doherty 8-9AM

  • Thursday: @Doherty 8-9AM

  • Friday and Saturday: Captains Practices TBA

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:42AM

XC Week 1 Pre-Season June 3-8

XC Pre Season Week 1

Monday-Thursday: 8:00AM  Meet at Doherty on the Hill located off the East Parking Lot overlooking the track.  We will finish by 9:00AM

Captains practices 6:00pm later in the week based off of which Seniors are able to lead these evening runs.


Team News

2 months ago @ 4:47PM




Doherty Sports Team Challenge Results

1st place Boys Soccer

2nd place Football

3rd place Boys Basketball

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 8:27PM

CSML Moved to Wednesday October 9, 3:00pm at Fountain Fort Carson

CSML Moved to Wednesday Ahead of the Storm

Everything else remains the same except they are moving the date of this meet up one day, ahead of the storm.


The bus will leave Wed. from the East Lot at 12:30.  The meet starts at 3:00pm and ends at 5:15pm

This is a one way bus.  Parents and Guardians pick up your athletes after 5:15pm at Fountain Fort Carson High School
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