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Team News.

Team News

2 days ago @ 4:38PM

XC Week 7 Pre-Season July 14-20

XC Pre-Season Week 7

Great week on your road to PR's and for our team to reach new heights.  Remember to run on Friday-Sunday when we don't meet and log everything online to our App.

  • Monday: @ DHS 8:00am-9:15am  45 minutes plus 6 strides.  Evening run on own 25 minutes

  • Tuesday: @Red Rock Canyon 8:00am- 9:15am Tempo Hills

  • Wednesday: @DHS 8:00am-9:15am 45 minutes plus 6 strides then 25 minutes on own in evening

  • Thursday: @ MVP North 8:00am-9:15am Speed workout

  • Friday: On own 50 minutes in the morning then 25 minutes in the evening

  • Saturday: On own Long Run 60-85 minutes finishing your run with 4x400 @5k pace

  • Sunday: 30 minute easy shakeout run or recovery in pool if feeling sore.

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1 week ago @ 5:37PM

XC Week 6 Pre-Season July 7-13

XC Pre-Season Week 6

Great week last week.  You guys killed it.  Those who are on vacation probably killed it too. Don't forget that our workouts are posted at   This week is a big week for us as we are just a month away from our season beginning.

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest Entrance to Palmer Park, (Remember to not bring anything of value with you.  If you do, carry with you to our hill repeat location on Lazy Land Road)  8:00am-9:15am

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Thursday: @ Monument Valley North 8:00am-9:30am

  • Friday: Run with Cheyenne Mountain and Air Academy 7:15am Location TBD or on your own

  • Saturday: Run with Cheyenne Mountain and Air Academy 7:15am Location TBD or on your own

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2 weeks ago @ 5:47PM

XC Week 5 Pre-Season July 1-6

XC Pre-Season Week 5

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park 8:00am-9:15am at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs.  We will have one coach staying with the cars.  Keep all valuables at home.

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 8:00am-9:15am

  • Thursday:  Run on your own or sign up for the Palmer Lake 4th of July Race at Palmer Lake Regional Park 7:00am.  Here's a link

  • Friday: On your own

  • Saturday: Neilson 2 Mile Challenge at Monument Valley Park North at 8:00am race start time

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3 weeks ago @ 10:43AM

XC Week 4 Pre-Season June 24-29

XC Pre-Season Week 4

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8-9am  25-40 minutes depending on fitness (BASE)

  • Tuesday: @ Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park located at Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs 8-9:15am (HILLS)

  • Wednesday: @ Doherty 8-9am 25-40 minutes depending on fitness (BASE)

  • Thursday: @ Monument Valley Park North located at Fontanero and Culebra. Remember that Fontanero is only accesible from the East side of MVP North.  8-9:15am (Tempo 2k's)

  • Friday: On your own 30- 40 minutes easy (BASE)

  • Saturday: On your own 45- 70 minute long run (BASE)

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4 weeks ago @ 9:52AM

XC Week 3 Update Tuesday Practice is at Green Crest

XC Update June 18

Practice will be at Greencrest entrance to Palmer Park on Tuesday 8-9am.  Greencrest is located on Brenner Place just South of Austin Bluffs.  

Team News

4 weeks ago @ 7:36PM

XC Week 3 Pre-Season June 17-22

XC Pre Season Week 3

Don't forget to log your miles on run2win.  Keep building that base.  Anyone interested in running to get in shape for other sports is welcome to join us.  

  • Monday: @ Doherty 8-9AM

  • Tuesday: @ Doherty 8-9AM

  • Wed: @Doherty 8-9AM

  • Thursday: @Doherty 8-9AM

  • Friday and Saturday: Captains Practices TBA

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1 month ago @ 9:12AM

XC Week 2 Update: Captains Runs Added

Captains Runs Added

  • Friday: Meet at Skysox East Entrance off of Charlotte and Barnes 8:00am Ian will lead the run

  • Saturday: Meet at Red Rock Canyon at 9:00am.  Noah will lead the run

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1 month ago @ 11:13AM

XC Week 2 June 10-15

XC Week 2 Pre-Season

  • Monday-Thursday: Meet at Doherty 8:00am-9:00am

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:43AM

Cross Country Pre-Season Week 1 June 3-8

XC Pre Season Week 1

Monday-Thursday: 8:00AM  Meet at Doherty on the Hill located off the East Parking Lot overlooking the track

Captains practices 6:00pm later in the week based off of which Seniors are able to lead these evening runs.


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1 month ago @ 1:38PM

Summer USATF Track Program with Coach Miller

Summer USATF Program


Team News

1 month ago @ 2:36PM

Join Us Friday in Celebrating Our Season & Saying Goodbye To A Great Coach

Banquet Friday May 24, 5pm-7pm in Cafeteria

Help us celebrate the record breaking season and say good by to one of our most successful coaches on and off the field.  As Coach Krum heads up to the mountains to focus on his family, the Track & Field family will miss a coach who has sacrificed his family time to lead the young men and women of Doherty.  We will miss him.  


  • Athletes, Parents, and Family are invited for food and awards
  • Each athlete is to bring a dish to share with the team, enough to serve 5-8 people
    • Freshman: Salads (Fruit, Green, Potato, Pasta….) and serving dish and utensil
    • Sophomores and Juniors: Main course dish along with serving dish and utensil
    • Seniors: Desserts


Team News

1 month ago @ 7:27AM

Cross Country Meeting Thursday May 23rd at 11:50 in room 118

XC Meeting Thursday After Exams

We'll meet in Room 118 at 11:50 to go over the summer training schedule and other events.

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1 month ago @ 6:32PM

Track Week 14

Monday uniform turn in and team survey at 3:15 in the blue lab of the library. Banquet Friday 5;00-7:00 in the cafeteria. Pot luck meal Freshman : Bring green/pasta/fruit/potato salads with serving bowls and utensils Sophomores: Bring main dishes Juniors: Bring main dishes Seniors: desserts

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2 months ago @ 8:06PM

Track Week 11 Week of CSML Championships

Track Week 11 CSML Championship Week

Thank you for another successful Spartan Invite on Saturday.  Everyone stepped up to make is a memorable and efficiently run meet.  Congratulations to the Boys for winning the Spartan Invitational. 

If you are unable to compete Thursday, Friday 5:00pm to 9:00pm or Saturday.  You must tell us at practice Monday so we can give others a chance to compete at CSML


  • Wednesday: @ Garry Berry for those in CSML 3:30-5:30 

  • Thursday: No Practice

  • Friday: Practice at Garry Berry Friday. If CSML is moved to 

  • Saturday: CSML at FFC team to arrive at 7:00am

Thank you for your patience as this week's weather may upend our schedule.  Your flexibility and understanding are appreciated.

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2 months ago @ 7:15AM

Team Pictures Are Posted For Purchase
Team News

2 months ago @ 11:02AM

State Heat Sheet
Team News

2 months ago @ 12:38PM

Track Week 10 Spartan Invite Week

Week 10: Spartan Invite

Congratulations to the girls for breaking the school record in the Sprint Medley and qualifying for state.  We had a strong finish to week 9 at both the Cougar Classic and the Stutler Twilight.  Now it's time to put on the best meet in the state this week, the Spartan Invite.  We need everyone's help.  Sign up to volunteer and donate food and drink at DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERING AT THE SPARTAN INVITE

  • Monday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:30-5:15.  We will tweet out and announce at school if practice is moved to Doherty due to weather.

  • Tuesday: Practice at Doherty 3:30-5:15

  • Wednesday: Practice at Doherty 3:30-5:15

  • Thursday: Freshman Sophomore Meet at Lewis Palmer.  The bus leaves at 1:15 from the East lot.  Athletes are excused after 5th period.  The bus returns after 7:30pm  We won't stop for dinner on the way home so bring food.  THE BUS IS LIMITED TO 44 ATHLETES.  LET US KNOW IF YOUR CHILD HAS ANOTHER RIDE TO LP SO WE CAN ADD AN ATHLETE TO THIS MEET.

  • Friday: Practice at Garry Berry.  3:30-5:30.  Bring all donations to the stadium beginning at 4:00pm.  Volunteer meeting to following collecting donations.   Those athletes competing at the Pueblo Twilight will leave on the Activity bus from school with Coach Truex.  Time TBA

  • Saturday: Spartan Invite at Garry Berry.  Every athlete and parent should be helping with this meet.  Athletes and parent volunteers arrive by 7:30am.  Workers meeting at 7:45 outside the locker room in the Southeast corner of the stadium.  

Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track & Field 

Team News

2 months ago @ 8:22PM

Track Week 12 State May 15-18

Track Week 12 State

Congratulations to the Boys and Girls for both finishing 2nd at CSML Saturday.  We have 8 boys and 8 girls who qualified for State and will be leaving from the East lot after the Senior Assembly approximately at 2:00pm.  (Brandon Becker, Brandon Deas, Zay Escalante, Andrew Martinez, Donte Marsh, Brian Mosley, Christian Olmstead )  (Serenety Burnett, Deztine Carter, Chloe Dodd, Aujanae Latimer, Kenzie Noll, Violeta Salazar, Maggie Spotts, Leilani Washington,  

If you did not qualify for state, no practice this week.  State qualifiers practice at Garry Berry Monday-Wednesday.

Uniform turn in Monday May 20 in the sports hallway.

  • Monday: @Garry Berry 3:30-4:30  Parent meeting at 4:30 for state qualifiers.

  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry 3:30-4:30

  • Wednesday: Load your duffle bags 7:20-7:45am, Leave Doherty at 2:00 on bus for practice at Garry Berry


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2 months ago @ 4:30PM

Track Week 9 April 22-27

Track Week 9 April 22-27

Congratulations to the Boys for setting two new school records.  Jaden Martinez, Brandon Deas, Isaiah Escalante, and Brian Mosley broke the 4x100 record, while Andrew Martinez, Brandon Deas, Isaiah Escalante, and Brian Mosley broke the 4x200 record.  Congratulations to all of the P.R.'s set at Fountain Fort Carson and at Dakota Ridge on Saturday.

  • Monday: JV Meet at Lewis Palmer High School. Those kids are excused after 6th period.  The bus leaves at 2:15 and comes back after 7:30pm.   Practice is at Garry Berry 3:30-5:30 for everyone not in this meet.  If the meet is canceled, everyone practices at Garry Berry.

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30.  Varsity Relays running at Cherry Creek Friday night will have Practice at 7:30 at Garry Berry, everyone else, practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30.

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:25-4:30

  • Friday: All competing in the Cougar Classic are excused after First Period to get to Garry Berry by 9:30.  All competing at Cherry Creek are excused after 4th period.  Activity bus leaves at 1:30 from Doherty.

  • Saturday: No Practice.

Team News

3 months ago @ 7:27PM

Track Week 8: April 15-20

Track Week 8

Busy week for the Spartan Track Team.  Make sure you take care of your study tables and your studies.

  • Monday: @Garry Berry 3:30-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30 In the Pool, alternate workouts available to those who are uncomfortable in the pool

  • Wednesday: JV Meet at Elizabeth.  JV Athletes are excused after 5th period, the bus leaves at 1:15 and will arrive back after 6:30.  We won't stop for food on the way home.   Practice for everyone else at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30 pre-meet for FFC competitors, regular practice for everyone else

  • Friday: Meet at Fountain Fort Carson. Athletes are excused after 4th period to attend the FFC meet. Bus leaves at 12:15

  • Saturday: Meet @ Jefferson County Stadium for Dakota Ridge Invite.  Bus leaves East Lot at 5:30am arrives back after 6:30pm.  Bring money for dinner.  No bus to Fountain Fort Carson. Arrive at FFC by 9:00am.

Team News

3 months ago @ 6:01PM

Track Week 7 April 8-13

Week 7

"Good Players Inspire Themselves, Great Players Inspire Others."

Remember that you are a part of "The Team" Inspire your teammates this week.

Study tables Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for anyone on the list posted outside the coaches office, the same list read out twice last week at practice, and the same list that the Athletic Department has posted on  If you have at least one D as of Wednesday Morning April 3, you have study tables.  If you miss one day of study tables, you are ineligible this week to compete

  • Monday: @DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Tuesday: @ Garry Berry Stadium 3:30-5:30
  • osh Soph Meet at Echo Park Stadium, bus leaves at Noon from the East Lot.  Also a JV Meet in Canon City.  This bus leaves at 1:15 from the East Lot. Varsity practice at DHS 3:30-5:30
  • Thursday: @DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Friday: Mitchell Marauder Meet at Garry Berry Stadium, 11:00am Field Events Begin.  Noon Running Events Begin.  Athletes competing are excused after second period to find their own ride to the Stadium.  If you are not in this meet, stay in school and come to the meet if you want to watch, after school
  • Saturday: NO PRACTICE, REST
  • Wednesday: Fr

Team News

3 months ago @ 9:33PM

Track Week 6 April 1-6

Track Week 6: April 1-6

  • Monday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Tuesday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:30-5:30

  • Wednesday: Team Pictures then Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Friday: Practice at Doherty Pre-Meet

  • Saturday: Bus leaves for Echo Park Stadium in Parker at 6:30am from the East lot for the 42 athletes who make the travel team.  


Team News

3 months ago @ 4:22PM

Track Week 5 March 25-31

T&F Week 5  Spring Break Week

Congratulations to fantastic performances last week at three different meets.  Everyone who was eligible and took care of business in the classroom and at practice competed in at least one meet last week.  Here are few few reminders as we enter week 5:

  • If you are entered in a meet, you are to stay through the 4x4 to cheer your team and let your team know that no one is bigger than the team.
  • Only athletes entered in the meet are required to attend the meet, all other athletes are encouraged to attend to support their teammates. 
  • Only athletes entered in meets where a bus is provided, will ride the bus to the meet.

This Week's Schedule

  • Monday: Practice at Garry Berry 10:00-Noon

  • Tuesday: Practice at Garry Berry 10:00-Noon

  • Wed: Bus leaves for Las Vegas at 4:00am from the East Lot.  The 20 athletes competing in Las Vegas are limited to one duffle bag or suitcase and one backpack

  • Wednesday: Practice at Garry Berry 10-Noon for everyone else

  • Thursday: Practice at Garry Berry 10-Noon, Las Vegas competitors practice at UNLV Noon-2:00

  • Friday: No Practice

  • Saturday: No Practice  Las Vegas Meet begins at 9:00am

Team News

3 months ago @ 12:05PM

Track And Field Week 4 March 18-23

Track Week 4

Congratulations to all who kept their grades up, didn't miss study tables, handed in contract, thus were able to compete this weekend.  Those individuals took advantage of their opportunity and did well.  Everyone, make sure you take care of business in the classroom, at study tables, turn in your contracts, and at practice.  If you do those four things, you will compete in one of three meets this week.  Don't do those things and you'll be sitting.  I'm so proud of how you acted and performed this weekend. Study tables was announced last week, If you had at least on D or F as of last Wednesday, you have study tables Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday.  If you miss one of those days, you do not compete this week.


  • Mon: @Garry Berry
  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry
  • Wed: @Doherty
  • Thursday: @ Doherty unless you are in the Meet at Denver South.  Bus leaves at 9:30am from the East Lot
  • Friday: Freshman/Sophomore Meet at Garry Berry.  Those kids are released after 5th period to attend the meet.  Find your own ride
  • Saturday: Palmer Invite at Garry Berry.  Arrive by 7:45, Warm up begins at 8:00am

Team News

4 months ago @ 10:00AM

Track&Field Week 3: March 11-16

T&F Week 3 March 11-16

Congratulations to the Girls for their Pikes Peak Invite Championship and to the Boys for their second place finish.  It was a team effort.  It was awesome to see so many athletes who weren't slotted to compete, still show up to support their team and to be ready should their team need them.  It was a true We Before Me. Results of the meet are posted at MEET RESULTS AT CO.MILESPLIT.COM

  • Monday: Practice at GARRY BERRY 1:00pm-3:00pm, Parent meeting at 6:30 in the auditorium

  • Tuesday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Wednesday:  JV Meet at Garry Berry, bus for those who don't have a ride leaves at 2:15.  Get your own ride home around 5:30pm There is a good chance it may be canceled.  If it is, we have practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Thursday: Practice at DOHERTY meet in the cafeteria at 3:25.  

  • Friday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30 pre-meet

  • Saturday: Harrison Panther Invite at Harrison High School.  Meet sheet will be posted one Harrison sends the details of the meet to us.  The team is to meet at the stadium at 7:45am.  Reminder, athletes are to stay through the end of the 4x4.    We encourage those not in the meet to attend the meet, but do not require it.


Team News

4 months ago @ 2:01PM

Track&Field Week 2: March 4-9

Track&Field Week 2

  • Monday: No school No Practice Parent Meeting has been moved to Monday March 11 in the auditorium at 6:30pm

  • Tuesday: SCRIMMAGE IS CANCELED Practice is @Doherty 3:25-5:30  Everyone Meets in the cafeteria 

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30  Fundraiser begins at 5:00pm, Athletes only 

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:25-4:30  5 of 7 coaches have Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30

  • Friday: @ Garry Berry sharing the track with Coronado 3:30-5:30.  Team Contract must be signed and turned in by Friday in order to compete on Saturday.

  • Saturday: Pikes Peak Invite @Garry Berry.  All athletes arrive by 8:45am, team warm up begins at 9:00am

Team News

4 months ago @ 2:52PM

Track & Field Week 1: February 25-March 2

Track&Field Week 1

Welcome to the 2019 Doherty Track&Field Season.

Bring any paper work with receipt from the Business Office to practice on Monday. Reminder that you must attend practices to compete in meets.  if you are absent you must notify coach Duensing with a note from your parent or have them email me at   Excused absences do not allow you to run in upcoming meet, but will be taken into consideration.

  • Monday: First Day of practice.  Meet on the hill behind the school overlooking the track.  3:25-5:30

  • Tuesday: Practice at Garry Berry Stadium 3:30-5:30  you must find your own ride

  • Wednesday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Friday: Practice at Garry  Berry Stadium 3:30-5:30

  • Saturday: Practice at Garry  Berry Stadium 10:00am-11:30am  Dress for the weather.

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:15PM

Meet Entries For Saturday Are Posted

March 16 Meet Entries



Team News

4 months ago @ 9:57AM

March 9 Heat Sheets are Posted

Heat Sheets are Posted for March 9

Go to "TEAM FILES"  or Click here for the MARCH 9 HEAT SHEET 


Team News

4 months ago @ 7:31PM

Harrison Heat Sheets Are Posted



Those going to Pueblo, Activity bus leaves at 6:45am, those meeting at Dutch Clark Stadium in Pueblo need to be there by 8:00am



Team News

3 months ago @ 4:24PM

Las Vegas Entries

Las Vegas Meet Entries

Those who have earned their spot to the Las Vegas Track Classic, the Buses Leave at 4:00am, arrive by 3:45am East Lot

Team News

4 months ago @ 11:01AM

Las Vegas Meet Required Permission Forms and Meet Sheet

Las Vegas Meet

Team News

3 months ago @ 2:32PM

April 6 Meet Sheet and Meet Entries

April 6 Meet Sheet and Entries


Team News

4 months ago @ 10:20AM

Las Vegas Track Classic Requirements

Las Vegas Track Meet

Las Vegas Track Classic Information Sheet

  • This is open to athletes who competed last season and meet the qualifying times.  Coaches have already contacted those athletes and have given them the information sheet for this meet.

  • Athletes can still qualify up to and including the Harrison Meet.

  • Athletes from last season must reserve their spot with $150 deposit by Friday March 9.  The final $150 is due on March 20.

  • If there is room after March 9 we will open it up to those who qualify this season and to Freshman and Sophomores who want to run in the Frosh/Soph meet the night before the Varsity meet.  A full $300 will be due March 20.

Team News

3 months ago @ 10:16AM

April 12 Mitchell Meet Entries Are Posted
Team News

2 months ago @ 2:01PM

Meet Entries for FFC and Dakota Ridge are Posted


Meet Sheet for Lewis Palmer Meet Monday is Posted.  Entries will be posted by Friday.

Team News

2 months ago @ 1:07PM



  • Athletes arrive by 7:00am Saturday morning at FFC High School

  • We know it's prom, but you are required to attend this meet if you are scheduled for it and stay through your event.


Team News

2 months ago @ 10:12AM

CSML Meet Entries and Practice Update


Practices Tuesday May 7 and Wednesday May 8 are at Garry Berry for the following groups:


Wednesday: Everyone in CSML Meet Entries above 

Thursday: No Practice unless youir event coach requests you be there

Friday: Pre-Meet at Garry Berry

Saturday:  CSML Meet at FFC 7:00AM

Team News

2 months ago @ 6:21AM

Wednesday practice at Garry Berry

Wednesday track practice at Garry Berry

Team News

2 months ago @ 12:44PM

Heat Sheet for Spartan Invite Posted
Team News

2 months ago @ 10:12AM

Meet Sheets and Entries for this Week are Found Under Files
Team News

6 months ago @ 7:19AM

Cross Country Follow Up
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