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Team News.

Team News

8 years ago @ 4:04AM

Fundraising update


Attention Spartans.......


Preseason is rapidly approaching.......only 38 days for those of you counting with me:)  We have a lot to get done before season other than just getting physically prepared.  We have a few different fundraisers that we will be doing, and one of them will be starting next week.  We will n ot be selling coffee as originally planned, but we will be selling discount pizza cards.  They are sold for $10 and we make $7.50 per card, so this is a great deal for us!!  There will be more details to come, but please remember that each player in the program is responsible for raising $100.  This will be very easy between the pizza cards and the scarves we will be selling in January/Februaury as long as each player gets on it right away.  The only other option is to write a check for $100 to the program.  The scarves will be sold for $20 a piece and they are beautiful, but they will not be available for sale until next semester. 

In the past two years it has pretty much been the varsity team that has done the majority of the fundraising, but that is no longer.  In order to continue to improve the quality of this program we will have to be able to constantly acquire new and better equipment.  With financial times being hard, especially in public services like education, the athletic department cannot afford to provide as much money for these things as they have in the past, so the only way to accomplish this is by fundraising, or by donation.  Please understand that the entire program benefits from this fundraising, and it is an expectation that each player will raise the $100. 

There will be a meeting just before we start our first workout of preseason on January 7 for all players that plan on participating in the spring.  This IS NOT A PARENT MEETING!!  There will be an offical spring sports parent meeting after tryouts, but this meeting is just for the players.  I will go over fundraisers that day briefly with the players and explain the expectations and the different ways of rasing money.  Once I have the pizza cards in hand, I will send out another notice so that your player can come get cards to sell from me and get started on hitting that $100 goal.


I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the wind down of the first semester!



Team News

8 years ago @ 5:05AM

Preseason Info Soccer Meeting

 Attention Spartans.....


I hope the new school year is going well for everybody and that club seasons have been a good experience and a time for you to continue to improve.  The real fun is just around the corner, so we are having our first preseason meeting of the year!!


Please spread the word to all freshman that may not be signed up for the website yet, and encourage all returning players and interested players to attend this meeting.  Valuable information regarding preseason, spirit packs, indoor, and tryouts will be discussed. 

The meeting will be held this Thursday, November 1 during lunch in Coach G's room, 254 in the science wing.  Please feel free to bring your lunch.  A handout about fundraising and spirit packs will be given to players to take home to please ask your player for this handout:)


I am beyond excited about starting another season here at Doherty and can't wait to see everyone on Thursday!!




Team News

9 years ago @ 2:20AM

Summer Training Reminder

Attention All Spartans.........


Summer training begins Monday, June 4 at 7am.  Please meet at the southwest side of the school on the practice field near the soccer shed.  We will train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7-8:30am.  Make sure to bring cleats, running shoes, and water.  Make sure you EAT something before training!!!  If you know any incoming freshman, please contact them and let them know they are allowed and encouraged to come.


I apologize to any new players and their parents that the first posting of this went out as an email blast and did not post to the "Camps and Clinics" section of the website.  I look forward to seeing everyone Monday!!



Team News

8 years ago @ 9:49AM

Morning workouts canceled Monday and Wednesday

Due to the gym and weight room being closed we will not be training on Monday or Wednesday mornings.  So sorry for the late notice!! Please help spread the word.




Team News

9 years ago @ 6:50AM

Spring Break Workouts

Attention Spartans......

I hope you are all enjoying a much needed spring break as much as I am:)  This time needs to give you healing and energy to get through the rest of the season, but it is also a time for you to stay fit and not lose everything we have worked so hard to gain.  In this message I am giving you a few options for workouts.  I expect everyone to get a minimum of 3 and no more than 6 days of training in over the 9 day break.  Please do not over train or do too much!!  If you are traveling for a tournament then each day that you play counts as training and you do not need to double up with any of my workouts!!  The worst thing you can do is have too much activity over this break and come back tired.  Please take care of your nagging injuries and make sure to listen to your bodies:)  

Running Workouts:

Outside with no track:  

Going for long runs all week is NOT what you should be doing!  Interval training is the best way to keep as much game fitness as possible.  If you are training on a trail or just running on pavement, you need to run in intervals.  The best way to do this is to run with a partner and find a place the has an incline for part of your run.  You need to time yourself for the intervals and you need to push yourself!!  Remember, if you are comfortable nothing is changing.  Your runs should be somewhere between 20-40 minutes.  Start with warming up to and getting good dynamic stretches in, and the first 5 minutes of your run should be above 50%, but not sprinting.  After the first 5, begin intervals.  If you have a hill to run, then the hill should be your sprint and the way down should be your active rest.  Your intervals should be around 1-2 minutes of increasing speed up to 100% sprints, with no more than a minute of active rest in between.  Do not stop running at any point, just slow yourself down to recover.  Do these intervals for 10 minutes, and then run at a pace that is above 50% for another 5-10 minutes before cooling down to a slow pace and eventual walk for the final 2-5 minutes of your workout.  Make sure you are pushing yourself to feel tired during your sprints......if you can do more and go harder do it.  Get some good static stretches in at the end for at least 2-5 minutes to keep those muscles healthy. 

Track Workout:

If you get out to a track......which I am sure most of you don't want to do:)  Make sure you have something to keep time with.  Make sure to get in the dynamic warm up and begin your track workout with 5 minutes of running at >50%.  After your warmup, you will run 5x400's with 2 minutes of rest between each 400.  Keeping time is very important!!  Try to keep each 400 within 5-10 seconds of the previous one.  After the 400's, do 6x200 with 1 minute rest and try to keep your times within 5 seconds as well.  6x100 with 45 seconds rest, 6x40 with 30 seconds rest, and 10x20 with 15 seconds rest between.  After the sprint work, get in a 5 minute cool down run right around 50% and make sure to get static stretching in at the end.

Treadmill Workout:

If you are on a treadmill for your running, you need to do intervals.  Start with a dynamic warmup off of the treadmill like any other day.  Once you are stretched, begin running for 5 minutes >50% to warmup.  The first set of intervals will be increasing your sprints from 50%-100% over 2 minutes.  So every 30 seconds you need to increase the speed until you are at a 100% sprint for the last 30 seconds of that interval.  After those 2 minutes, you bring the speed back down to 50% and run there for 2 minutes, then repeat the 2 minute increasing sprint and do this 5 times.  After the fifth interval, run at 50% for 5 minutes.  Then you will do the same thing again, but add incline to your sprints.  So now in the 2 minute increasing sprint intervals, you will also be at an incline of 2 or above.  During your recovery make sure to decrease the incline as well as the speed.  The incline should only be applied during your sprints.   Do that five times and then do a 5 minute at 50% cool down jog and get your static stretches in as well.


You can mix it up if you would like and do a combination of these workouts, but I would like if you would do at least 2 different workouts over the week.  If you love long runs, it wouldn't hurt to get one in over break, but it shouldn't be your focus because it is not game like at all.  If you choose to take a long run, make sure it is a minimum of 30 minutes and try to run on the asphalt and not the sidewalk.  These workouts are for your benefit and if you do them 3-6 times over break, you will feel much better upon return.  Taking 9 days completely off will be obvious to your coaches and it will be hurtful to your team.  Please take the time to do this!  It is no more than one hour total and it will make your lives easier when it comes to getting game fit after break.  Make sure you spend the time to stretch before and after your workouts and please ICE ICE ICE anything that hurts!!!  If you choose to get any lifting in, do not max out on anything.  Your reps should all be above 8 with a minimum of 3 sets.  Power lifting is unnecessary at this point in the season.  You should also make sure to get some core work after you run.  Do between 3-5 different ab/core exercises each time.......any exercises you like, but if you are struggling to remember, here are a few: planks---front and sides, stars, superman, bilateral raises, hip poppers, candlesticks, figure 8 complex, sick superset, rocky's, crunches, O's, side bends, bicycles, and regular full sit ups.  Just pick whichever you like and get some doesn't matter which you choose, but mix it up.

Have a wonderful break!!  If we get any kick arounds together on a nice day, you will hear from captains.  It would be a great idea to get touches in addition to staying fit.  Just get out in your backyard and juggle!  I expect that everyone will do these workouts so that we can stay on track with our goals for the season.  Remember, Palmer is our first game back and we owe them a good beating:)  Take care of yourselves and enjoy the sunshine!!



Team News

9 years ago @ 5:12AM

Game time change for DCC tomorrow!!

Attention Spartans!!!


The game against DCC scheduled for 10am tomorrow morning, April 14, has been moved to an 11am start time.  Same location at D20 stadium, but kickoff will be at 11am.  Please be sure to be there between the latest ready to go.  We wear blue away.

Also a quick update:

Varsity had a huge win last night against Liberty High School 1-0.  The girls knocked Liberty out of first place with the win and solidified their ability to not only compete, but make a statement in league.  Congrats to the girls for their hard fought and well deserved victory!!





Team News

8 years ago @ 1:25AM

Last minute help needed with concessions

Attention Spartans.....


Each sports program is required to work the football concessions once a season, and our night is TONIGHT!! I know this comes in at the last minute, but the first game is always kind of hard to staff for.  Too often this job falls on the team mom's, so if there is anyone out there that hasn't worked these concessions and would like to offer their help tonight for the 7pm opening game at Garry Berry, please Nancy Anderson immediately at  


Thank you!!



Team News

8 years ago @ 7:58PM

Girls' Soccer Fundraiser THIS SATURDAY NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!



this is a very important event and opportunity!  I expect ALL female soccer players to participate in some way if you are currently part of, wish to be a future part of, or even an alum of this amazing family and program!!

The Dominguez family has been kind enough to offer their house for the first Doherty Girls' Soccer car wash/garage sale/bake sale!  This is a very generous offer, and a fantastic opportunity for our program to get a huge chunk of fundraising for the 2013 season out of the way early.  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, August 11 from 10am-3pm

Where: The Dominguez house.......just on the west side of off of Austin Bluffs on Turquoise St. (exact address to come, but it is only a few houses in on the left once you turn from Austin Bluffs, headed north, onto Turquoise St.)

What: Car wash for donations, garage sale by donations from us....this means you all need to go through your closets, siblings closets, parents' closets, and anything else you are willing to donate to part with for Doherty Soccer.  Any items you wish to donate need to be dropped off at the Dominguez home by 9am Saturday morning.  Items to consider include, but are not limited to: lightly used clothing and shoes, athletic equipment, kitchenware, hardware items, decorations, artwork, jewelry, school supplies, electronics, etc.  Famous soccer cupcakes will also be available, but you should feel free to donate baked goods for sale as well.

How: Contact seniors Taylor Denny, Mary Anderson, Ashley Furbush, or Madi Miller via facebook message to offer help or items.  

This really is an amazing opportunity to take care of some funds before the hectic school year begins in just a couple short weeks.  I realize it is short notice, but I cannot stress to you enough the importance of not only helping with funds, but of getting involved with the team.  If you can help make posters before hand, or even just donate items, that is a great help.  Your time on Saturday will be incredibly helpful and I will be sure to take note of all that participate when it comes to the money you are asked to raise in the spring and those that participate here will be responsible for less in the future.

Again, please contact one of the aforementioned players via facebook message for specific questions and to let them know when you can help and what you can bring.

I look forward to this weekend and I thank you all in advance for your help to make this family succeed:)



Team News

8 years ago @ 8:50AM

Summer workouts officially over

Attention Spartans.....

Denver Cup starts tomorrow and i have some club responsibilities, so summer workouts are officially over.  i understand everyone has started club practice by now, and with 2 weeks of summer left for you, and only one for me, we are through with the 7am workouts.  You may hear from some of the older girls about some kickarounds, and certainly about a fundraiser that i expect everyone to participate in!!!!  Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the summer and i will see you around the kickarounds!!



Team News

8 years ago @ 3:48PM

Wednesday workout at the incline!!!!

Attention Spartans...

This Wednesday, July 18 the morning workout for both soccer, volleyball, and any other participants in summer workouts will be ascending the incline in Manitou Springs.  Participation is totally voluntary.  We will meet at the bottom at 6:30am.  I hope to see you there!!



Team News

8 years ago @ 3:20PM

WEight room is OPEN!!!

Yaaaay, workouts are back on!!  I hope i see everyone tomorrow at 7am:)  meet inside



Team News

8 years ago @ 10:06AM


spread the word that all practices, open gyms, and workouts are cancelled until further notice.  DHS is being used as a fire relief facility if needed, so please stay home.  thanks



Team News

8 years ago @ 4:15PM

Workouts for tomorrow still on!!

Attention all Spartans....

I know that the state of emergency here in the springs has everyone on edge, including me!!  As of right now, we are still a go for tomorrow morning.  I will continue to check in on things to make sure we are safe to be at the school.  If you are in an area of evacuation please let us know what you need.  We are all here to help each other as we are a family!!!  Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  I will repost if something changes.



Team News

9 years ago @ 3:31PM

Out of town workouts

Attention all Spartans....

Some of you have expressed interest in having workouts to do while you are vacationing this summer.  It is very hard to cater to individuals, or to mimic what we are doing here without knowing your available space, equipment, and time, but here is a list of some options.  Any long runs should be infrequent and combined with sprint intervals or hills if possible.  Otherwise, make sure your running is on a track or treadmill and involves sprint intervals.  You should sprint for a minimum of 30 seconds at a time with no more than a minute rest in between sets.  If you are on a track and running 400's, make sure to do your best to keep your times consistent, but allow 3 minutes of rest between sets.  

1. Shuttle runs of 300 yds with 2 minutes rest between sets

2. Sprint intervals with a 5 minute moderate run for a warmup and cool down with at least 10 minutes of sprint intervals between making a 20 minute running workout.  

3.  Go on a trail run for a minimum of 30 minutes

4. Do circuits with work for 1 minute and rest for 1 minute of the following:  jump rope, squats, lunges, squat jumps, static squats, push ups, planks, burpees, hills, bleachers, stairs, knees to nose, mountain climbers, and lateral bounds.  You don't need to do all of these every time, but choose at least 5 and make sure you don't choose the same 5 every time.  Get in a minimum of 3 workouts in per week, but no more than 5.  You can always run, bike, or jump rope between sets.

5.  Avoid any heavy lifting while you are not under supervision.  Work mostly on core strength and conditioning and leave the lifting for when you return.

If possible, get some ball work in too.  You can always do your sprints with a ball, get touches by juggling, or hit the ball against the wall and work on your touch.

Enjoy some down time, but stay active in some fashion.



Team News

9 years ago @ 4:54PM

Banquet head count and cost



This is incredibly important and timely information!!  The banquet is rapidly approaching and we need a general head count ASAP.  We are lucky enough, thanks to Dawn Nelson, team manager Nancy Anderson, and the other committee mothers, Leann Miller, Karri Dominguez, Christy Lobato, Wendy Denny, Tara Tyler, and Jeannie Schaller, to have the banquet at Sky Sox in their banquet room!!  They are giving us the generous price of $14.50 per person!!  They are also waiving our rental fee, so this is a fantastic deal, and best of all, it only solidifies that Sky Sox is OUR home field:)  We need a head count by THIS Friday.....and that is a firm deadline!  Please, please, please send Nancy Anderson an email immediately at with your full name and the number you are bringing to banquet.  Sending her an email ASAP is most important, then you need to get to the business office and pay for the number you plan to bring.  Please hold on to your receipt so we can make sure everyone is covered!!  We cannot afford to pay for this out of the team account, so keeping your receipt is the only way for us to make sure we are covered.  Again, emailing Nancy is the most important, and it must be done before Friday at noon in order for us to get in an accurate head count.  This is absolutely necessary since they are cutting us such a great deal.  We want to be able to make this a tradition, so we need to make sure to meet their deadline.  You can bring your receipt to me in my office at school, or bring it to Nancy Anderson. Please bring your parents, siblings, and anyone that has supported your season.  I truly hope to see all levels represented.  The banquet is meant to celebrate every single player, each team, and all parents and family.  Please plan on attending, and if cost is the only thing holding you back, please come see me personally.  I absolutely do not want that to be the single reason that keeps anyone away from this amazing event.  The food is always great, the company the absolute best, and we have so much to celebrate this year already, and we aren't close to finished yet!

Other banquet notes:

---The banquet will begin promptly at 6pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2012.  Please park where you do for games and plan on a couple of hours for sure.

---Please dress up!!  You don't need to be in formal wear, but this is a celebration that dictates more than jeans and a t shirt, so please dress accordingly.

---Bring your camera, there are a lot of great photo opps

---Come hungry, there is always a lot of food!

---If helping with banquet, team dinners, spirit packs, fundraisers, pictures, and any other team events is something you would like to help with in the future, please be sure to email me and Nancy.  


I think this is it for now.....please get a head count immediately to  This is so important and I can't stress enough how necessary it is to get the numbers in in order for this to be successful.  Thank you in advance for doing so:)


I hope to see all of you that are able to come up to Littleton High School tomorrow night to the district stadium to watch the varsity team play in the first round of state playoffs against Heritage High School.  This is the first time the girls have qualified in 3 years, and it has been a great season!!  The girls have a wonderful opportunity to put Doherty back on the map, where they belong, in state soccer.  They also get the chance to avenge the boys playoff loss from the fall!  The game starts at 7pm, so please come support us!  Thank you for everything!!!

Remember------the bus leaves the east parking lot tomorrow promptly at 4pm!!



Team News

9 years ago @ 2:45PM

First Round Playoff Info

The girls varsity soccer team will compete in the first round of state playoff action this Wednesday, May 9 at 7pm at Littleton High School against #10 seed Heritage High School.  Doherty earned a #23 seed coming out of the CSML in third place.  The bus will leave the east parking lot at 4pm on Wednesday.  Be sure to check the CHSAA website for gate prices as activity passes are not honored at the state level.  Please come and continue to show the amazing support you have shown the girls all season!!  We are all very excited for the program to take this next step in continuing to breed success at Doherty High School and elevate the standard of soccer.  


We are SPARTANS!!!



Team News

9 years ago @ 4:39PM

Banquet Information

Attention all Spartans!!!


The banquet this year will be held on Wednesday, May 16th at Sky Sox Stadium.  Tickets will be sold at the business office and they will be available this week.  Please feel free to bring family members, siblings, or anyone that has supported this season.  Ticket prices will be posted by tomorrow, and time will also be set.  

the banquet is a very special event.  Please plan on attending so that we can celebrate our seniors and all players for their hard work and successful seasons. I hope to see all levels represented well because we will celebrate each level separately.  I am very proud of how well the program has done this season, and it only excites me more for the future of Doherty Soccer!


I look forward to seeing eveyone!



Team News

9 years ago @ 4:31PM

State Playoff Information

Attention all Spartans!!!


The girls' soccer team took third place in league and qualified for state playoffs!!!  The girls' received a ranking of 23rd and will go to Heritage High School, ranked 10th, for first round play.  The game will be played at Heritage this upcoming Wednesday, May 9.  Time and exact field location will be determined tomorrow.

Come support your ladies as this is the first time the girls' program has qualified in several years for playoffs.  

Thank you for your support all season!! 

Team News

9 years ago @ 5:02AM

Pizza Pal Money and anu Colon Cancer Money


If you are holding on to money from the kick-a-thon, or have not turned in your pizza pal money you must do so THIS WEEK!!  we fronted the money from the account and need to put it back.  I don't want to have to fill out obligations for pizza money, but the account needs the money back ASAP. 

Team News

9 years ago @ 5:35PM

Reminders for the week ahead

Attention Spartans!!

First of all, both JV and Varsity killed it today down at Pueblo West!  Both teams walked away with convincing wins over two very athletic and scrappy teams in the Pueblo West Cyclones.  The Doherty girls' soccer program is climbing quickly and playing with impressive purpose.....I am very proud of all of these ladies!

With last week's lightning delay, our schedule this week has changed.  We will be playing at FFC this Tuesday at 6pm.  There will be NO bus either way for varsity, and jv doesn't play the same day.  Parents, please help us with travel on Tuesday.  The girls must be at the field by 5pm at the latest.  I will leave from Doherty around 4pm and anyone wanting to caravan is more than welcome to meet me in the east teacher parking lot to do so.  Because of this game being moved a day early, team dinner at Molly's house is also moved to Monday night, so please plan on attending that as well.  

Instead of just the one game as initially scheduled, we will also be making up our Mitchell game on Friday at Sky Sox at 7pm.  The Mitchell game Friday is also senior night.  We will recognize all parents in the program, and our seniors will be honored for their strong work and dedication in their careers here at Doherty.  Please help us to get the word out and pack the stands for senior night as these girls deserve to be celebrated.  Please plan on showing up a little earlier than usual.  We will begin our ceremony around 6:45pm, so please be sure to be in the stands so every player has a parent to recognize.  We also want to make sure there is a parent representative for each player so that we can thank you all appropriately for all of your support and love for this program!!  We couldn't do any of this without you:)

Thank you for all of your help and your flexibility with schedule changes!!  I look forward to seeing our stands filled with family and friends of the program to celebrate 4 phenomenal senior ladies!!



Team News

9 years ago @ 5:58AM

Senior Night and Mitchell game POSTPONED!!

Attention Spartans.....


Due to a rescheduled Sky Sox game, we are postponing the Mitchell game and Senior night tonight.  We will be playing this game next Thursday, April 26 at 7pm at Sky sox stadium instead.  The FFC game originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 25 will now be played on Tuesday, April 24 at FFC at 6pm. 

Varsity girls you will meet in the big gym today at 3:30 for practice.  YOU MUST HAVE FLATS TO PRACTICE IN AND GUARDS!!!

See you this afternoon!



Team News

9 years ago @ 2:38AM

Team Pictures

Attention Spartans!!


Both teams have pictures at 4pm, tomorrow Wednesday, March 21.  All players were sent home with an order form on Friday, and if you are missing one you should bring a check made out to Apre Photography to the field and they may have extra forms available.  If not, I am sure it can be settled online.  This is the only day team pictures will be taken, so please make sure to be dressed and ready to go before 4pm.  thanks!



Team News

9 years ago @ 6:00AM

Game Time Change & Parent Punch Cards


The game times for the Chatfield game on Saturday, March 10, will be:

JV at Doherty HS at 9:30 am

Varsity at Sky Sox at 10:00 am.


Parent punch cards will also be on sale Saturday morning at the varsity game.  Parent punch cards are $35 and will get you into all games at Sky Sox as well as Garry Berry Stadium!

See you at the game tomorrow!

Mr. Noll   

Team News

9 years ago @ 2:26AM

Chaparral game summary

The season openers for both Varsity and JV ended 2-1 in favor of Chaparral. 

First game jitters were an issue in the first 40 minutes, and an unfortunate goal snuck in after a breakdown in the midfield.  At the half the girls were calm and understanding of the task at hand.  They came out strong in the second half and won the physical battle as well as possession overall.  Kendra Penchoff scored a beautiful textbook goal off of a long ball from Madi Miller midway through the second half and the momentum was definitely in our favor.  With 90 seconds to go in the game we had a serious defensive breakdown that gave the game away to Chaparral.  The girls all knew without a doubt that our mistake, and not Chaparral's efforts, ultimately led to the loss.  It was overall a very convincing first game, and we have much to be excited about!!  Back to the drawing board today in order to prepare for a strong Chatfield squad tomorrow morning in our home opener at Sky Sox at 10am.......Hope to see many of you there!!




Team News

9 years ago @ 4:11AM

This week for Soccer 3/5-3/10

Attention all Spartans:


We had a great opening scrimmage this past Saturday up at Fort Collins.  Both teams had a variety of looks at lineups, and overall there is much to be excited about for the 2012 season.

This week is the first week of TCAP at school.  This means there will be no freshman on campus on Tuesday, and no juniors or seniors on Tuesday or Wednesday.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NO PRACTICE!!!  Practices are at the normal 3:30pm time after school.  On Tuesday, we leave at 1:30 pm sharp on a bus to Brommfield High School to scrimmage Broomfield.  The bus will leave promptly at 1:30, so make sure to be there early.  Both JV and Varsity will play at 4pm.  The bus will depart from the east parking lot.  We also open this week against Chaparral High School on Thursday at Chaparral.  The bus leaves at 2:15pm from the east lot and students will be excused from their 7th period classes.  Remind your players that being excused from class does not excuse them from work that is due or work that is missed.  They need to get with their teachers to make sure they complete all work missed.  Then Saturday morning we have our home opener at 10am at Sky Sox against Chatfield. 

Please make sure you attend every practice and scrimmage this week in order to be eligible for competition by Thursday.  Also, third quarter grades come out Friday, and I will be doing a grade check.  No one on Varsity will take the field with a failing grade or multiple D's.  Help keep your player on the field by keeping up in the classroom!



Team News

9 years ago @ 3:30PM

Tryout update and weekly reminders

Attention All Spartans!!!!


Today was the first day of tryouts and it went amazingly well!  We had record numbers for the first day, and I so hope that everyone returns for day two.  The girls are certainly not making my job easy.....which is an awesome problem to have.

I want to clear up some confusion on times and expectations for the week.

1.  Although practice is usually over by 5:30, the time is flexible especially during tryouts, and practice ending at 5:30 doesn't include cleaning up equipment.  All players are expected to stay until all equipment is cleaned up and put away properly.  Leaving practice early is not something that should happen on any kind of regular basis, and with the exception of important family obligations, it is not something that will be accepted.  Appointments, jobs, other school functions, and personal matters should be scheduled accordingly.  Doherty soccer is a big commitment and needs to be made a priority for every girls who chooses to play.  This includes practice times, bus times, punctuality for practice daily and games, attending other sporting events as a team, team dinners, and other team functions.  

2.  The parent meeting this Wednesday, February 29 is MANDATORY!!  A parent representative must be present for important information and to sign the team contract.  We will have a business office representative there to take spirit pack money for those people that have not paid yet, and parents will have the opportunity to order fan gear too.  NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE WEDNESDAY MEETING SO PLEASE COME PREPARED WITH CHECKS!

3.  Although having big numbers at tryouts is wonderful, it also makes cuts for teams difficult.  We are going to have a JV team as well as an 8 game schedule C level team.  This will be more like having a very big JV with extra games that provide more playing time for all players.  Dan Smith will be coaching both groups and the schedule will allow for him to coach all of the games.  Unfortunately, there will still be some players that are cut from the program completely.  In the even that your player is cut, please understand that the ultimate decision is mine and I am responsible.  If you have questions or concerns, the proper way to voice them is by contacting me personally by email first to set up a time to talk.  I will be happy to provide feedback on why any particular player was cut.  Players will have to check outside of my room, 257, for a list on Wednesday morning to see which team they are on.  Names will not be listed, rather numbers to keep things private.  Wednesday will be the first day of practice after dividing into teams, and practice begins promptly at 3:30 daily out on the practice field.  Please encourage and help your players to be punctual, because there are consequences for tardiness.  In the Doherty soccer world, on time is late and early is on time.

4.  This Saturday is the opening scrimmage.  CHSAA requires that all players have a minimum of 9 practices before they are allowed to play in competition.  There are only 9 days from today until the first game on the 8th.  This saturday we will leave the Doherty parking lot at 7:30am to play in Fort Collins.  Anyone that misses the scrimmages will not be eligible to play in the first game.  We play at 10:30 and 1:30 on Saturday at Fossil Ridge High School.  We don't have a bus for this scrimmage, so parent volunteers are necessary to drive there and back with players.  The junior and senior players that can legally drive other people in their cars will do so, but with this many players we will need several parent volunteers.

Everything else will be covered at the meeting, but I wanted to give a heads up on how well today went, and what could be expected for the rest of the week.  I look forward to meeting everyone at the parent meeting, and I am very excited for this season!!!





Team News

9 years ago @ 6:07AM

First Annual Soccer vs. Volleyball Olympics

Returning Varsity girls, remember this weekend is the first of many in our olympic domination over the volleyball team!!  Friday we will meet at DHS in the east parking lot at 3pm to mentally prepare for the opening ceremonies.  Remember to wear your blue shirt and come ready for mini golf at Adventure Golf at 3:30pm. 

The second event is on Sunday 10/16 at noon on the DHS practice fields and its kickball!  Remember to wear your blue shirt and your CLEATS!  No excuses, we should win this one. 

Come ready with your A games and game faces!




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