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8 months ago by Murphy Barry


Hello Lady Spartans Swim and Dive Team!

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready to get back to work in the classroom, and before we know it the pool. As many of you know our season does not start until winter but there is plenty of work to be done before then. Please look this over as we have a couple of things to discuss going forward:

Gary Berry Concession Rotation

Each year every team from Doherty is expected to work a rotation of concessions at one of the football games. The amount that is raised during this time goes into a fund that helps us the athletic department in the uniform rotation. The ladies swim team is expected to provide two workers for the September 1st game at Gary Berry. At least 1 person must be an adult. If I could please have two volunteers email me at I would appreciate it. This is a great way to start our season off right where we can find volunteers quickly.

Preseason Plan

As of right now we are looking to begin preseason on October 17th. We will meet Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from 3:30pm-5:00pm until season starts on Friday November 10th. This will give us time to get in shape and begin to form our team. I highly encourage everyone to attend as this is a great chance to work and grow before season starts. More details will come out as we get closer. 

Social Media

Along with this website large amount of information will go out on our Facebook page. Please like our page @dhsswimdive.

Senior Meeting

As we enter into September I will be setting up a meeting with all the seniors so we can begin to come up with a plan for the season. If you are a senior who is participating please be looking for updates through your fellow teammates and announcements at school.

That should be all for now! Thank you all so much for your dedication to the team and being a part of SPARTA! I am excited for a fun season! Please email me if you would like to volunteer on September 1st!

Coach Murphy

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