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Spartans Athletics

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Spartans Athletics

Doherty High School

Spartans Athletics

Doherty High School

Varsity Track & Field

Team News.

Team News

6.0 days ago @ 8:46AM

Track Week 13: Awards Banquet May 25

Track Week 13: Awards

Congratulations to all of you who completed the season.  We will celebrate our season Wednesday May 25 from 5:00-7:00pm in the Doherty Cafeteria.

  • Monday: Uniform turn in after exams in the locker rooms upstairs in the sports hallway.

  • Tuesday: Cross Country meeting directly after exams in room 118

  • Wednesday: Awards Banquet in cafeteria 5:00-7:00pm.  Bring a dish to share and your uniforms.

  • Athletes, Parents, and Family are invited for food and awards
  • Letter Earners, Certificate of Participation, Top Point Earner awards, specialty awards for performance and leadership.
  • Each athlete is to bring a dish to share with the team, enough to serve 5-8 people
    • Freshman: Salads (Fruit, Green, Potato, Pasta….) and serving dish and utensil
    • Sophomores and Juniors: Main course dish along with serving dish and utensil
    • Seniors: Desserts


Team News

1 week ago @ 9:07AM

Revised State Schedule Saturday 2:10 Start
Team News

1 week ago @ 9:49AM

Track Week 12: State Week May 16-21

Track Week 12: State

Congratulations to all who completed their season.  Many PR's last week.  This week we focus on those who qualify for state.  The final list won't be complete until Monday Noon when CHSAA releases final state qualifying individuals and relays. Tentative athletes competing at state Girls:  Elliana Adams, Gabriella Beauperthuy, Lily Delagarza, Chloe Dodd, Mariah Serrano-Walton, Jasmine Weeden,  Boys: Keaston Bazzy, Anthony Carter, Reny Dabeet, Connor Eggleton, Solomon Latimer, Kyler Portaleos. 

  • Monday: Uniform Hand in at Doherty 3:05-3:20. Those qualified for state meet at Garry Berry 3:30-4:30

  • Tuesday: Practice for those who qualified for state at Garry Berry 3:30-4:45

  • Wednesday: Pre-Meet 3:30-4:30 at Garry Berry

  • Thursday: Bus leaves East lot at 5:15am.  See Schedule of meet for more information on events .  We will be staying at the Hampton Inn West Federal Center 137 Union Boulevard
    Lakewood, Colorado, 80228
      Let Coach Duensing know if you will be driving your child up each day and which days they will not be staying with the team.  We leave the hotel Saturday morning when we head to Jeffco for the final day of the meet.

  • Friday: All day State meet at Jefferson County Stadium. 

  • Saturday: All day State meet at Jefferson County Stadium, will leave after 4x4 and arrive back to Doherty after 7:00pm.  Weather contingency is to compete Sunday if Saturday we are unable


Team News

3.0 months ago @ 2:15PM

2022 Track & Field Long Sleeve Shirt

Purchase your 2022 Track & Field Long Sleeve Shirt in the Business Office for $22 or at MySchoolsbucks


Bring the receipt to Coach Duensing to pick up your shirt

Team News

2.0 weeks ago @ 10:59AM

Track Week 11: May 9-14 League and Last Chance

Track Week 11 League and Last Chance Meet

Thank you to the 40+ volunteers for a successful Spartan Invite.  You all were great ambassadors for Doherty.  This week is a big week.  This is the last chance to qualify for state and we have two meets to do it with.  Tue-Thur is League and Friday is the Last Chance meet in Longmont for those who meet minimum marks, which tend to be top 25 in the state.  For those not in the league meet, your competitive season is over. Uniform check in Monday May 16, 3:10pm on the hill.

  • Monday: @Garry Berry for everyone.  If you are not in the League meet you are not practicing anymore this season. We will collect your uniforms Monday May 16.  Do not bring them to coach any earlier.

  • Tuesday-Thursday: League meet at Garry Berry Stadium 4:30-7:30. SEE MEET SHEET FOR SCHEDULE AND ENTRIES.  All athletes arrive by 3:30, no early release.

  • Friday: St. Vrain Last Chance Meet.  Activity buses Tentatively leaves at 7:00am from East lot.  The meet schedule won't be finalized until they seed the meet Wednesday so keep a look out for the meet sheet Wednesday night.

  • Saturday:  No Meet, No Practice

Team News

3.0 weeks ago @ 6:01PM

Track Week 10: Spartan Invite Week

Track Week 10 Spartan Invite May 7

Congratulations to all of the PR's last week. Special recognition to Ellianna Adams for her 12th place ranking in the state in the 300 hurdles and Solomon Latimer 13th in the state in the 300 hurdles. 

Spartan Invite Go Time:  This is the 17th Spartan Invite and is the showpiece of Doherty Track and Field as it is the most competitive meet in the state this week.  VOLUNTEER AND DONATION SIGN UP BY WEDNESDAY You'll notice no or few Doherty parents and no or few  Doherty athletes in the stands during this meet as we are all hosts for this meet. Let us know how you can help.  We need 35 volunteers and lots of donations to make this meet work. Thank you for your continued support and success of Doherty Track & Field.

  • Monday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry 3:30-5:00 if Middle School Track meet doesn't need the stadium due to Monday weather.  Otherwise, we are at Doherty.  We will use remind to give that info.

  • Wednesday: JV Meet CANCELED. All practice instead: All at Doherty 3:25-5:30  EXCEPT GIRL SPRINTERS who are @ Garry Berry 3:30-5:00 (Girl Sprinters bring cold weather and rain gear)

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30  

  • Friday: @Garry Berry 3:30-5:30.  Bring donations to practice, volunteer meeting at 4:30 under the East Bleachers.

  • Saturday: Spartan Invite at Garry Berry 7:15am-3:30pm. Sign up to Volunteer and donate here   Meet Sheet found under Team Files Here

Team News

1 month ago @ 2:35PM

Track Week 9: April 25-30 Stutler Twilight and Cougar Classic

Track Week 8: 3 weeks to Qualify for State

10 practices left for Varsity, 8 for JV.  Make each one count.  

  • Spartan Invite next week.  We need the following help from you

    • 35 volunteers to rake, sweep, measure, distribute coaches and workers meals, shag shots and discs, push wind guage device, organize awards, check athletes in.....

    • Donations:Look for the donation form with your child and on this website next Sunday.  

      • Gatorade, soda, potato salad, baked beans, large cookies, muffins... for coaches and workers meals.  The team is purchasing Bird Dog BBQ for the meals, we just need the fixings and drinks donated.

  • Monday: @ Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30  JV Meet at Rampart athletes excused at 2:15 to get own ride to rampart by 2:45.  Room on activity bus for first 14 to ride.  Those students with own rides have been confirmed at practice Monday. Talk with you child to confirm they talked with Coach Duensing

  • Thursday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00 for all except throwers and distance.

  • Friday: Cougar Classic All Day.  All athletes are excused for the whole day.  Arrive at Garry Berry 7:45am Meet Sheet found under "Team Files" 

  • Saturday: Sutler Twilight.  Activity Bus leaves at 10:30 arrives back around 11:00pm.  Let Coach Duensing know if you will have your own ride.  Meet Sheet found under "Team Files"

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1 month ago @ 11:10AM

Track Week 8: April 18-23 Dakota Ridge Week

Track Week 8: April 18-23

Congratulations for another great week of improving against tough competition.  Elliana made finals in both hurdles, Mariah had a breakthrough 200 pr, Sienna finished 3rd in high jump, Gabby fourth in the shot, TaQuan threw down the fifth best 100 this year on the boys team, the boys 4x1 keeps up the stellar marks with 2nd.  Many athletes took advantage of the opportunities presented to earn spots in future varsity meets.  Four weeks left to qualify for state.

  • Monday: @Garry Berry 2:45-6:30 for Palmer JV Meet as well as practice for the team except for throwers not in the meet. Excused at 2:15, NO BUS.

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Wednesday: JV Meet at Falcon High School.  Athletes competing will be excused at 12:45, during third period.  The one way bus leaves the East lot at 1:00, pick up your athletes after the meet after 5:30 at Falcon High School if their events are over.

  • Thursday: @Garry Berry 3:30-5:00  Except for throwers.

  • Friday: 3:30-5:00 Pre-Meet @Garry Berry for relays, hurdlers, and jumpers, all others @Doherty for pre-meet 3:30-4:45 with one coach who will check you in and you will check out with. 

  • Saturday: Track meet at Jefferson County Stadium, Lakewood, Colorado.  Bus leaves East Lot at 5:45am and will arrive back 2 hours after the meet ends.

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:02PM

Track Week 7: April 11-16

Track Week 7: April 11-16, 5 Weeks Left To Qualify For State

Congratulations to the boys 4x1 for qualifying for state and to Gabby for her state number 2 ranking in discus and her 4th consecutive win in the discus.



  • Monday: Doherty 3:25-5:30
  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry 3:30-5:00 (There will be sprinter run offs for both boys and girls for the FFC Meet, Sprinters if you miss this practice, you seriously run the risk of not running Friday and Saturday)
  • Wednesday: @Doherty 2:00-4:00 (Ponderosa Frosh/Soph. Canceled)
  • Thursday: All team members @Garry Berry 3:00-4:30.  Middle school meet begins at 4:30. Wear your Doherty warm ups so we can positively promote our program to the middle schools.  We need DHS T&F athlete volunteers to assist at the meet if you are able. Let us know at practice before Thursday.
  • Friday: Track Meet @Fountain Fort Carson (FFC) MEET SHEET FOUND UNDER TEAM FILES HERE. Athletes are excused at 12:45 during 5th period.  There will not be an announcement so you must remind your teacher you are leaving for the meet.  You must attend 5th period to compete in the meet.  Athletes needing a one way bus ride to FFC, bus leaves at 1:00pm from East lot. All athletes with own ride, arrive by 2:00pm at FFC High School. PICK UP CHILDREN AT FFC BY 7:00PM.  Coaches cannot leave until all children are picked up.
  • Saturday: Track Meet at FFC.  Athletes arrive by 8:00am and leave after the 4x400.  No Bus.


Team News

1 month ago @ 3:24PM

Track Week 6: April 4-9

Track Week 6: April 4-9

Only 6 weeks left to qualify for state. That is 23 practices left unless you qualify for state.  Make EVERY PRACTICE COUNT.

Congratulations to Gabby for her third win in the discus in as many tries as she is ranked #2 in the state.  


Congratulations to the Boys 4x100 and 4x200 as they won again, and are ranked #5 in both events in the state



Team News

2.0 months ago @ 3:03PM

TrackWeek 5: March 28-April 2

Track Week 5: Only 8 Weeks to Qualify for State

Congratulations to those who worked and made it to every practice over Spring Break, you will find success in your dedication.  Those who missed practice have your work cut out for you.  No excuses!  "Excuses are for those who don't want it bad enough."  This week is a build week.  Don't miss a day!!!!  Only eight weeks left in the season for most of us, make every day count.

  • Monday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00 Don't be late!!!

  • Wednesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30  Team pictures first, then practice until 5:30

  • Thursday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00  Don't be late!!!

  • Friday: Relays, Throwers, and Jumpers at Garry Berry 3:25-5:00

  • Saturday: Two meets, Dutch Clark Stadium in Pueblo and French Field in Fort Collins.  Athletes will know Wednesday which meet they have qualified to compete in.  If in the Pueblo meet, the bus leaves the East parking lot @ 6:30am.  Fort Collins bus leaves East lot at 5:30am.  Let Coach Duensing know if you will be driving your own child to either meet.

Team News

2.0 months ago @ 11:02AM

Track Week 3: March 14-19

Track Week 3

Congratulations to the girls for their 2nd place finish Saturday.  Gabby dominated the throws with a state qualifying win in the discus and a solid win in the shot put. Congratulations to the boys for finishing 4th and to the 4x100 and 4x400 relay wins in dramatic fashion.  Remember you are to stay through the 4x400.  Your work schedule can wait.  "We Before Me" isn't  just words, it's the core of what it means to be a part of a team.  

  • Monday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00 Don't be late picking up your child.

  • Tuesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Wednesday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00. NO JV MEET THIS DAY.  NEW JV MEET SCHEDULE HAS BEEN CREATED.

  • Thursday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30

  • Friday: @Doherty 3:25-4:45.  Relays only at Garry Berry 3:25-4:45. 

  • Saturday: Harrison Invite at Harrison High School arrive by 7:45am.  Those going to the Pueblo meet, bus leaves East parking lot 7:45am.  Meet sheets will be posted outside the locker room, sent on the remind app, and once the files link is fixed on this website, will be posted there.  Athletes will know which meet they will attend by Thursday at practice.


Team News

2.0 months ago @ 4:08PM

Track Week 4: March 20-26 FOCO Meet

Track & Field Week 4 March 20-26 Congratulations to all who competed Saturday. We were able to get everyone into a meet who has attended practice so far. Special congratulations to Gabby who won the Shot and Discus for the second week in a row and has already recorded marks to qualify her for state. Congrats are in order as well for Lilly who won the high jump with a state qualifying mark, the boys 4x100 finishing first, and the boys 4x200 finishing first with a state qualifying mark. This week we have practice. If you are on vacation, be sure to run, otherwise you'll be starting over next week. Monday: @Doherty 10-11:30 Tuesday: @Doherty 10-11:30 Wednesday: @Garry Berry 10-Noon Thursday: @Garry Berry 10-Noon Friday: @Garry Berry 10-Noon Saturday: Runners Roost Invite in Fort Collins, French Field. Bus Leaves at 5:30am from East lot. Returns home three hours after meet ends, estimating at 8:00pm. You are free to drive your child to and from the meet, just meet us at 8:00am at the meet.

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2.0 months ago @ 5:41PM

Track Week 2

Track and Field Week 2

  • Monday:@DHS noon-2:30

  • Tuesday:Garry Berry 3-4:30

  • Wednesday: Thursday @DHS 3:25-5:30

  • Friday : @ Garry Berry 3:30-5:00

  • Saturday: Palmer invite 7:34am-

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 3:20PM

Track Week 1 Feb. 28-March 5

Track Week 1: Feb.28-March 5

Get our reminders by joining Join code: dohertytf

Welcome to the 2022 Track& Field Season.  Follow the instructions here REGISTER FOR TRACK HERE .  Registration deadline is Friday March 4 and is all online.

  • Monday: @DHS  First day of practice 3:25-5:30

  • Tuesday: @Garry Berry Stadium 3:25-5:00.  Bus #76 picks up in front of Doherty at 3:10 and drops off at Wasson if you can't get your child a ride.  You provide a ride home from Garry Berry Stadium at 5:00pm.  We have a short time at Garry Berry most days due to other teams coming in at 5:00, so we are quick and efficient.

  • Wednesday: @DHS 3:25-5:30   

  • Thursday: @Garry Berry 3:25-5:00  Parent Meeting 6:30pm in the auditorium

  • Friday: @DHS 3:25-5:30

  • Saturday: @DHS 9:00am-11:00am Team Competition Day

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1 week ago @ 7:05AM

State Postponed

Due to weather, State Track has been postponed. No meet Friday or Saturday. New schedule will be posted once we get the information from CHSAA.