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Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 3:10PM

Off Season Track Begins for All Events Monday January 7

Off Season Track Begins for All Events Monday January 7

Start running before the break on your own

Team News

2 years ago @ 10:30AM

Track photos posted

Track photos taken by Mr. Washington and Katie Bare are now posted at

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3 years ago @ 1:52PM

State Meet Practice Tuesday at GB at 3:15

The weather's been unpredictable, so we are just going with it.  Practice today Tuesday May 17 is at Garry Berry at 3:15

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3 years ago @ 1:04PM

Track Practice Monday at Doherty NOT Garry Berry

Today's practice for State athletes will be at Doherty not at Garry Berry

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3 years ago @ 8:00AM

State Track Meet Sheet Posted

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:31AM

Track State Heat Sheet

State Heat Sheets are found at

Team News

3 years ago @ 4:03PM

Track Week 12 Week of State; Uniform Turn In

Track Week 12

Congratulations to everyone who completed the season with the team.  Those of you who took the hard road and stuck with it earned P.R.'s.  We are proud of your work ethic and the sportsmanship you showed this season.  Congratulations to our girls Sprint Medley, 4x1, Discus, Shot Put, and 300 hurdles for qualifying for State this week.

  • MONDAY: Uniform Turn in (Clean and Dry uniforms) 3:05-3:20 in the storage room for those not competing at State.  3:30-4:45 practice at Garry Berry for those competing at State
    • Kiara Olson-Discus, Medley, 4x1. 
    • Jordan Thomas-Shot Put
    • Gabbi Chapa- Medley, 4x1
    • Deandre Achor- Medley, 4x1
    • Izzy Reckel- Medley, 4x1
    • Shelby Ratzlaff- 300 hurdles, Medley Alt
    • Ivory Masching- Medley and 4x1 Alt.
    • Katie Bare- Medley and 4x1 Alt.
  • TUESDAY: Practice at Garry Berry 3:30-4:45 for those competing at State
  • WEDNESDAY: Leave for State from East Lot at 2:30 pm
  • THURSDAY: Compete at State at Jefferson County Stadium
  • FRIDAY: Compete at State at Jefferson County Stadium
  • SATURDAY: Compete at State at Jefferson County Stadium


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3 years ago @ 8:47PM

CSML Last Day,Saturday, Arrive 7:45AM

CSML Day 2

Arrive by 7:45AM, Team Warm Up and Meeting at 8:00AM

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3 years ago @ 11:08AM

CSML Heat Sheets for Thursday are Posted

CSML Heat Sheets for Thursday are Posted

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3 years ago @ 8:53AM

CSML Pre-Meet Today 3:35-5:00 @ Garry Berry

CSML Pre-Meet Today 3:35-5:00 @ Garry Berry

Uniform Turn in Monday May 16 3:05-3:20 in storage room.

Banquet Wed. or Thur. May 25 or 26, 5:00pm-7:00pm in Cafeteria 

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3 years ago @ 6:10PM

CSML Meet Entries and State Qual Process


  • Meet entries for Thursday & Saturday are posted at  Anyone who cannot attend Saturday's meet will not compete in prelims on Thursday
  • State Qualifying individuals and relays are dependent upon top 18 marks in the State as of Midnight This Saturday May 14.  Head coaches must declare their athletes by this time.  CHSAA will give the final top 18 list to us Sunday afternoon at which time I will post it to this site.  Anyone not qualifying for State will turn in their washed and Dried uniform and warm ups on Monday at 3:05-3:20 in the storage room.

Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track & Field and supporting us in our mission of teaching sportsmanship and our team approach and remembering it's about  "We Before Me"

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3 years ago @ 5:10PM

Track Week 11: Week of May 9, CSML Week

Colorado Springs Metro League Championships

Week 11

The two day CSML Championship will be held Thursday and Friday (weather permitting)  A reminder that Competitors in Varsity meets are chosen based on Time, Effort including attendance, Attitude

CSML Meet Schedule is posted under team files

  • Monday:        Practice for EVERYONE, EVERY EVENT at Garry Berry 3:35-5:15
  • Tuesday:       Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:15
  • Wednesday:  Practice at Garry Berry 3:35-5:15
  • Thursday:      CSML at Garry Berry.  Excused after 6th period for those competing
  • Friday:          Practice at Doherty unless CSML is moved to this day
  • Saturday:      CSML at Garry Berry 

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3 years ago @ 6:34PM

Thank You for making this a great Spartan Invite

Thank you parents and athletes for making this year's Spartan Invite a success.  Nothing but praise from the other coaches and parents.  Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track & Field.


Results are posted at

Team News

3 years ago @ 3:47PM

Track Week 10 Week of May 2 Spartan Invite Week

Track Week 10: Spartan Invite Week

This is a big week for Spartan Track.  We have the opportunity to showcase Doherty at the Spartan Invite.  This is our only fundraiser this season.  We ask each family to donate food, drink, or other supplies for Saturday's meet or to volunteer to help out the needs are found on this link under Spartan Invite Donations   Thank you.
  • Monday: Cougar Classic at Garry Berry.  Athletes in the meet are excused after 2nd period.  Get to stadium by 10:00 for field events, 10:30 for running events  Meet entries and schedule found at All those not in the meet pre-meet on your own or at the stadium after school.
  • Tuesday: Liberty Frosh Soph Meet at Liberty High School.  Competitors are excused after 4th period to get their own ride to Liberty/ D-20 Stadium by 12:30.  Entries and meet sheet found at
  • Wednesday: Practice at DOHERTY
  • Thursday: Practice at DOHERTY
  • Friday: Practice at GARRY BERRY STADIUM  All donations need to be at the stadium between 3:30  and  5:00pm.  
  • Saturday: Spartan Invite at Garry Berry Stadium  Volunteers arrive by 8:00am.  Meet outside visitor locker room.  

Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track & Field 

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3 years ago @ 6:01PM

Track Week 9 The week of April 25

Track Week 9

  • Monday: 3:35-5:30 Practice at Garry Berry Stadium
  • Tuesday: 3:25-5:30 Practice at Doherty
  • Wednesday: 3:25-5:30 Practice at Doherty
  • Thursday: 3:25-5:30 Practice at Doherty
  • Friday:  Cougar Classic Varsity Meet at Garry Berry  Athletes entered in the meet are excused after 2nd period. 

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3 years ago @ 4:45PM

Track Week 8, Week of April 18

Track Week 8

  • Monday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:35-5:30
  • Tuesday: Practice at Doherty  3:25-5:30
  • Wednesday: JV Meet at Harrison.  One Way Bus leaves at 2:20.  Parents pick up athletes after 6:00
  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30 and team Yoga
  • Friday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:00-5:00
  • Saturday: Dakota Ridge Meet at Jefferson County Stadium. Round trip bus leaves Doherty East Lot at 6:10AM

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3 years ago @ 8:21AM

Team Depth Chart and CSML

Team Depth Chart and CSML

I have posted the Team Depth Chart Based off of Official Results.  CSML Team will be based off of this as well as coach's discretion.  

 (Official Marks, Attendance, Attitude, Effort, and what helps the TEAM most)


Our placement of athletes in their events for CSML is NOT up for negotiation or Lobbying.


Team News

3 years ago @ 10:26AM

Track Week 7 Week of April 11

Track Week 7

  • Monday: Jumpers at Garry Berry 1:00pm- 3:00pmThrowers at Doherty 4:00pm, All other athletes at Garry Berry 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • Wednesday: JV Meet bus leaves for Canon City at 1:15.  All others practice at Doherty 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • Friday: All at Garry Berry 3:35-5:30.
  • Saturday: Lewis Palmer High School Meet.  ONE WAY BUS LEAVES AT 8:00AM.  You may have your own ride up and meet us at LP by 9:00AM

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3 years ago @ 5:53PM

Track Week 6 The Week of April 4

Track Week 6 (6 Weeks Until State)

Congratulations on a great meet Friday and Saturday.  We had a lot of PR's.  I told you it'd be epic.  Yes it was long, but we had some excellent performances as well.  I want to remind you that at every meet you are expected to arrive with the team and leave with the team after the 4x4.  We do not arrive for our own event and leave after our own event.  "We Before Me"  

Monday: Practice at Doherty

Tuesday: Practice at Doherty.  JV Meet Events Assigned

Wednesday: JV Meet at Sierra. Competing JV athletes are excused after 6th period.  One way bus leaves Doherty at 2:20.  Parents need to pick up their kids at the end of the meet 6:00pm or earlier

Thursday: Practice at Doherty

Friday: Practice at Doherty

Saturday:  Legend Track Clash at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker.  Bus leaves the East lot at 6:45am and arrives back 2 hours after the meet is completed.  Bring money for food on the way home.  Meet Sheet available under files on this site.

Team News

3 years ago @ 8:34AM

Week 6 Track Update

Week 6 Track Update

  • Parents, we need your help with supporting us in our effort to build team unity.  We request that all athletes competing in a meet arrive with the team and leave with the team.  We request all athletes who want to compete Will be at the meet for its entirety. 
  • Please refer to the three documents Athlete Contract, Legend Track Meet Entries, and the Legend Track Meet, Meet Sheet at 
  • Thank you for your continued support

Team News

3 years ago @ 6:58PM

Track Week 5 Week of March 28

Track Week 5

Congratulations for some excellent marks turned out this weekend in Fort Collins.  We had two falls with some awe inspiring track burns on some kids and one ER visit for a third, bad sprain, no break.  There were no excuses for the Spartan Track Team as many turned out PR's while ignoring the best Mother Nature could throw at them.  We are up for another big week this week as this is the week of the Terror Invites Both Friday and Saturday.

Monday: Practice at Garry Berry

Tuesday: Team Pictures and practice at Doherty

Wednesday: Practice at Garry Berry

Thursday: Practice at Doherty

Friday: Palmer Terror Freshman and Sophomore Meet.  9th and 10th graders are excused after 3rd period to get to the meet at Garry Berry Stadium by 11:45

Saturday:  Palmer Terror Invite at Garry Berry Stadium all day

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3 years ago @ 7:19PM

Track Week 3 Week of March 14

Track Week 3

Congratulations to the boys for their 5th place finish and the girls for their 3rd place finish at the 14 team Pikes Peak Invite.  It was awesome to have the team staying for through the end of the meet, supporting our 4x4 teams.  Big week ahead.

  • Monday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:35-5:30
  • Tuesday: Practice at Doherty
  • Wednesday: JV meet at Garry Berry.  Doherty Hosts this meet.  Excused after 6th period to get over to the stadium by 2:45. 
  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty
  • Friday: Practice at Doherty
  • Saturday: @ Harrison High School  meet at 8:00am

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3 years ago @ 4:59PM

Track Week 2 Week of March 7

Track Week 2

We had a great first week.  The largest turnout in 15 years.  Thank you for attending the parent meeting and sending so many yummy dishes to the pasta party Saturday night.  Here's what we have in store for this week.

Lifting Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 6:15AM

  • Monday: @ Garry Berry 3:35-5:30 East Stands.  Mandatory study tables at the very beginning of lunch for anyone with 1 D/F or more.
  • Tuesday: @ DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Wednesday: @ DHS 3:25-5:30 Yoga 4:30-5:30 in Wrestling room
  • Thursday: @DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Friday: @DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Saturday: Pikes Peak Invite @ Garry Berry Stadium all athletes meet there at 8:00am for team warm up.  Schedule of events to follow once we receive it from the meet director.

Team News

4 years ago @ 7:00AM

Early Release Guidelines for Meets

All early release for track meets are sent out the school one week prior to the track meet per school policy.

  • Coaches give enough time for all athletes to get to the meet.  If in the time the excusal is given out to the staff and the day of the meet the student athlete has not been entered in the meet, that student should stay in school
  • Any student needing to stay in their afternoon classes later than the early release time due to grades or classroom responsibilities parents and athletes may opt to stay in school longer, but still have athlete at the meet for their events.

Team News

3 years ago @ 8:32AM

Cougar Classic Postponed from Friday moved to Monday Same Time Schedule

Friday April 29 Meet was moved to Monday

We will Practice Friday 3:25-5:30

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:08PM

Pikes Peak Invite Meet Sheet and Entries Online Now

Go to

on the Track website to see entries for events and the meet sheet including schedule of events.

Team News

3 years ago @ 1:27PM

TRACK Week 1: Week of February 29

Week 1 Track

Monday: First Day of practice.  All paper work must be turned into the Business Office before you can practice

              Practice at DHS 3:25-5:30

Tuesday: Practice at Garry Berry Stadium, Enter East Bleachers  3:45-5:30  Have rides on time to pick    

               you up

Wed:      Practice at DHS 3:25-5:30.  Parent meeting 5:45 in Cafeteria

Thur:      Practice at DHS 3:25-5:30.  Discount shoe night at Colorado Running Company 5262 N Nevada Ave #140, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, University Shopping Center Across from UCCS.  5:45-7:00  20% off

Friday:    Practice at Garry Berry Stadium 3:45-5:30 Get picked up on time

Saturday: 9:00am-11:30am at DHS.  Competition Day. 

               6:00pm-10:00pm at DHS Pasta party in cafeteria and game night in the gyms. 

Everyone brings a dish with utensils:  Freshman Salads(Fruit, Pasta, Green) , Sophomores Already Cooked Pasta with Sauce,  Juniors breads Seniors Healthy Desserts.  All athletes bring your own water.


Team News

3 years ago @ 6:37PM

Harrison JV Track Meet Sprint and Jumps Entries

Harrison JV Meet Entries are now at our website under files

Distance and throwers were notified by their coaches today.


Team News

3 years ago @ 3:15PM

Fort Collins Meet moved to Fort Collins High School 1:00pm Friday

Fort Collins Track Meet Now at FORT COLLINS HIGH SCHOOL

Fort Collins High School

3400 Lambkin Way Fort Collins CO 80525

Friday March 25, 1:00pm

  • French Field was hit hard and won't be cleared by meet time.  Fort Collins H.S. track is already clear, so the meet has been moved to the high school
  • Entries will be posted under Files on this website by 6:00pm
  • Bus leaves East lot at 9:30am
  • Very limited bleacher space for spectators.  No team camps in the bleachers only parents
  • No lights so the meet ends when it gets dark.  It looks like the track events will be done before dark.

Team News

3 years ago @ 11:46AM

Track Tuesday practice at 3:00.

Practice today for track is at 3:00.  Meet in the gym.

Team News

3 years ago @ 11:43AM

Track Team Online Apparel Store

Team Store for Fan Apparel.  This does not include the team sweats and compression shorts. 



?Apparel Store Ends on March 14.

Team News

7 years ago @ 11:21AM

Doherty Track & Field in the News
Team News

7 years ago @ 10:52AM

Doherty Track & Field in the News April

Gazette Article Highlighting Boys Hurdlers, High Jumper Matt Becar's PR and number 2 ranking in State and the win at the Terror Invite.

Team News

7 years ago @ 5:00PM

Gazette Article on Spartan Hurdlers
Team News

3 years ago @ 2:15PM

Dakota Ridge Meet Entries

The meet entries are under files on the dohertyathletics website.

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:34AM

Track Awards Dinner Wednesday May 25 @ 5:00Pm Cafeteria

Track Awards Dinner Wed. May 25 5:00-7;00 in the cafeteria for the whole family

End of Year Banquet

  • Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 5:00-7:00p. Each athlete is to bring a dish to share with the team, enough to serve 5-8 people
  • Distance:  Main pasta dish already cooked with sauce with serving           utensils
  • Sprinters:  Main dish, pizza, or salad with serving utensils
  • Jumpers: Desserts
  • Throwers: Breads and Spreads.  Don’t just bring a loaf of bread, have serving utensils, and have it sliced

Team News

3 years ago @ 8:36AM

Spartan Invite Update

  • Thank you for helping us set up this years Spartan Invite.  We are still in need of a few things for Saturday.
    • Large Hamburger Buns/The giant ones
    • A few more volunteers
    • Potato Salad
  • The list of volunteers and donations is located at

Team News

2 years ago @ 5:56PM

Garden of the Gods Aid Station Challenge Final Instructions

Thank you for volunteering at the GOG 10 Miler Aid Station Challenge Sunday June 12 .  We can't do what we do without the team effort.  Thank you for being an active part of this team.

  • Park at the trading post then walk up to balanced rock or drive up to balanced rock and park before 6:00am.  The parking pass and map are at
  • Dress as a zombie,  No Half Hearted Zombies, Full Hearted Zombies only.  We want to win this challenge, so come to serve the runners and look the Thriller part
  • Arrive by 6:00am at Balanced Rock.  Stay until we are done and cleaned up, 9:30-10:00am
  • Bring a push broom if you have one.
  • Remind any friends you know who are running the race to vote for "Thriller"  Doherty.

Thank you for your participation Sunday. 



Team News

3 years ago @ 8:34AM

Track Awards Dinner is for the Whole Family

The track awards dinner is for athletes and families to share in the season.  Please bring the whole family.

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:06PM

Uniform turn in Monday after school. XC meeting at 3:20 Monday

Team News

3 years ago @ 6:26AM

Practice today, Friday

Today's track practice for relays and hurdlers is at Garry Berry 3:35-4:45 all others are at Doherty 3:25-4:30

Team News

3 years ago @ 4:40PM

Dakota ridge Invite Highlights

Congratulations to Hayden Martinez 1st in the 1600, Kiara Olson 1st in the Discus, jack Mann 1st in Pole Vault, Shelby Ratzlaff 2nd in 300 hurdles, ivory Masching 2nd in 110 hurdles, girls 4x2 and 4x4 finishing 2nd today. All these individuals have marks that should stand up to qualify for state.

Team News

3 years ago @ 10:26AM

JV Track Meet at Canon City Cancelled

All athletes will report at Doherty High School for practice at 3:00 pm.

All athletes that are eligible to run will be competing in Saturday's meet at Lewis Palmer High School.
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