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Team News.

Team News

4 years ago @ 2:31PM

Track Week 13 Banquet May 18

Track Awards Dinner

  • Friday 5:00pm in the cafeteria.  Set up begins at 4:30pm
  • Seniors bring a main dish or pasta dish with sauce to serve 8-12
  • Juniors bring enough desserts to feed 12
  • Sophomores bring enough salad (green, pasta, or fruit) dressing, serving utensils, and serving bowl to feed 12
  • Freshman bring a main dish or pasta dish with sauce to serve 8-12
  • Jumpers, come by my classroom Thursday and Friday to sign the picture frame for Coach Mack.

Team News

4 years ago @ 3:06PM

Week 11Track Week of May 4 CSML Championship Week

Week 11 Track/ CSML Championships

I am very proud of our track team for how each team member contributed to such a successful Spartan Invite on Saturday.  Doherty Athletes and Parents unselfishly gave their time, talents, and donations to make it the best meet it could be.  Thank you.

This week:

  • Monday Practice @ DHS 3:25-5:15
  • Tuesday Practice @ DHS 3:25-5:15
  • Wednesday Practice @ Garry Berry (If the Middle School Track Classic does not need this day as a make up day) otherwise we'll be at Doherty
  • Thursday:  CSML @ Garry Berry the schedule is located at
  • Friday: Practice @ DHS 3:25-4:30
  • Saturday: CSML @ Garry Berry

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4 years ago @ 10:53AM

Track Week 3 Week of March 9

Week 3 Track & Field

Thank you parents and athletes for a great first two weeks.  We've seen a lot of growth from dedicated kids unable to run on a track.  Keep in mind that we only have 38 Practices left in the season for those qualifying for State and 35 practices left in the season for those who do not qualify for State. Make every practice count.

  • Monday: at Doherty for practice 3:25-5:45
  • Tuesday: at Garry Berry 3:45-5:45pm   Sharing the track with Mitchell
  • Wednesday: D-11 Relays at Garry Berry.  Arrive at Stadium by 1:30.  You are excused after 4th period. 
  • Thursday: at Garry Berry Practice  3:45-5:45 unless your events coach tells you otherwise.
  • Friday: at Doherty for practice 3:25-5:30
  • Saturday: Panther Invitational at Harrison High School.  Arrive by 8:00am for a 9:00am start.  Weigh ins for throws events are 7:45-8:15am.

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4 years ago @ 1:49PM

Track Week 12 State Week

Track Week 12 State Week

  • Monday:  Uniform turn in in the storage room at 3:15-3:35
    • State competitors practice at Garry Berry at 4:00
  • Tuesday:  State competitors practice at Garry Berry at 3:45
  • Wed:        Leave for State at 2:30 from the East Lot
  • Thursday-Saturday: State track meet, schedule found at

Team Banquet Friday May 22 in the cafeteria.  Setup begins at 4:30

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4 years ago @ 8:22AM

Track Week 10 The Week of May 2 and Spartan Invite

Track Week 10 Week of Spartan Invitational

Congratulations to both teams for season and overall PR's across the team both Friday at Garry Berry and Saturday at Littleton High School.  This week is the Spartan Invite where we are in need of all family's help for this fundraiser to be a success.

  • Monday:  Practice at Doherty for everyone. No Garry Berry practice today
  • Tuesday: Liberty High School Frosh Soph Meet at D-20 Stadium on the corner of Research and Powers.  Arrive by 11:45am.  Meet sheet is located in the files page of this website.  NO BUS TO or FROM
  • Wednesday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30
  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30
  • Friday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:45-5:00  Drop off your donations for the meet, volunteer meeting for those helping out on Saturday
  • Saturday:  Spartan Invite.  Arrive for volunteer meeting at 7:45am in the South End Zone  This is our only fundraiser this year.  We need every athlete's and family's help with this meet.  Please reply to the volunteer form coming home Monday.

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4 years ago @ 3:54AM

Track Week 9 Update

Track Week 9 Update

  • Practice Thursday is at Doherty at 3:00pm 
  • Friday's meet sheet is located under our track files and shows the following release times for the Cougar Classic
    • All Athletes competing in field events are excused after 1st period
    • All athletes competing in Elite 1600, Hurdles, 100, 3200, 200, 4x800, Medley Excused after 4th period
    • Everyone else may stay in class for the day and arrive at the stadium by 4:00pm
  • Saturday's Liberty Bell Meet Sheet is also under files for the girls 4x1, 4x2, as well as Kayli's 1600, and Ivory's triple Jump

Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track and Field

Team News

4 years ago @ 2:57AM

Track Week 8 Information Update

Week 8 Track Update

Friday:  Practice will be at Doherty at 3:00pm as pre meet with updates for Saturday's meet

Saturday: Ray Campbell Invite at Fountain Fort Carson High School.  The meet sheet is on this website under files.  It is a tentative schedule.  They said they may adjust the schedule Saturday if the weather is still bad to only have timed finals.  We won't know this until Saturday morning.


Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track And Field.



Go Spartans!

Team News

4 years ago @ 4:46PM

Track Week 8 Week of April 13

Track Week 8 Congratulations to the boys for their fifth place finish and the girls for their fourth place finish at the Glenn Peterson Invitational Saturday April 11. We have 24 days left in our track season for those not qualifying for State and 19 practice days left. This week: Monday: ALL EVENTS PRACTICE AT GARRY BERRY 3:45-5:45 Tuesday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30 Wednesday: Fort Carson JV meet and practice at Fountain Fort Carson High School 3:30 start time. WE HAVE A DROP OFF BUS ONLY The bus leaves at 2:15 from the East Lot. Please be at Fort Carson High School to pick up your child by 6:00pm Coaches cannot leave until all children have been picked up Thursday: Practice at Doherty Friday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:45-5:00 Saturday: Ray Campbell Invite. At Fountain Fort Carson High School Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track & Field Go Spartans!

Team News

4 years ago @ 7:06AM

Track Week 9 Week of April 20

Track Week 9

  • Monday:
    • Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers  Practice at 2:00pm at Garry Berry
    • Distance and Throwers practice at DHS at 3:00pm
  • Tuesday:Practice at DHS 3:00pm
  • Wednesday:
    • Track Meet at Harrison High School bus leaves at 2:15 from the East Lot.  No Bus Home.  Pick your child up at Harrison High School at 5:30
    • Anyone not in this meet practices at DHS at 3:25
  • Thursday:Practice at DHS at 3:00pm
  • Friday:Cougar Classic at Garry Berry Stadium.  Athletes are released 1.5 hours prior to their first event.
  • Saturday: Girls 4x1, 4x2 relays, plus Ivory and Kayli compete at Liberty Bell Invite at Littleton Public Schools Stadium
    • No practice for everyone else.

Team News

4 years ago @ 12:12PM

Track Week 7 The week of April 6

Track Week 7 

5 weeks or 25 practices left this season

  • Monday: Distance at Doherty, All other events at Garry Berry 3:45-5:45
  • Tuesday: Practice at Doherty  3:25-5:45
  • Wednesday:  JV meet at Sierra High School.  Athletes are excused at 2:00pm to get to Sierra by 3:00pm.  NO BUS
  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:45
  • Friday: Practice at Garry Berry 3:45-5:30
  • Saturday:  Glenn Peterson Invitational at Liberty High School/ D20 Stadium  Meet Sheet located under the files on the Track website.

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4 years ago @ 1:33PM

Track Week 6. Week of March 29

Monday. At DHS. 3:25-5:45 Tuesday team pictures and practice at Garry Berry 3:30-5:45 Wednesday: at DHS. 3:25-5:45 Thursday: at DHS 3:25-5:30 Friday: Frosh Soph meet at Garry Berry times TBA Saturday: terror Invite at Garry Berry

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4 years ago @ 2:45PM

Track Week 5 Week of March 23

Track Week 5

  • Monday- Friday: Practice at Garry Berry Stadium from 10:00-12:00
  • Those attending the Las Vegas Track Classic, Practice will be at UNLV at 11:00am Friday morning
  • Saturday: Las Vegas Track Classic 9:00am start time. These athletes have already been notified and entered.  Schedule and information found at

Team News

4 years ago @ 1:07PM

Track Week 4 Week of March 16

Track Week 4

Congratulations for another great week of Doherty Track and Field.  Our girls finished 3rd of 25 teams at the Panther Invite including a first place finish for Sarah Lebaron in the high jump with what looks like a State qualifying jump of 5'2", Kayli Tabares finishing 2nd in the 3200, the 4x200 finishing 2nd, Kiara Olson 3rd in the Discus, and Ivory Masching earning her letter with three 3rd places triple jump, 100 hurdles, and 300 hurdles.

This Week

  • Monday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:45
  • Tuesday: Practice at Garry Berry Stadium  3:45-5:45
  • Wednesday:  JV meet in Canon City, Bus leaves at 1:15pm students leave class at 1:00pm,  meet start time 3:30, return to school after 7:30pm depending on traffic and length of meet 
    • Everyone else will practice at Doherty
  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:45
  • Friday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30
  • Saturday: Bus leaves for Parker's Sports Authority Stadium at 6:45 for the Sabercat Invite.  Only athletes competing will ride the bus,  Let Coach Duensing know if you are going to drive your own child to and from this meet.

Team News

7 years ago @ 4:16AM

Track Meet Sheets
Team News

4 years ago @ 10:37AM

Track & Field Week 2 Week of March 1

Track Week 2

Team Calendar,Schedule, and Meet Sheets are found under the "Files" section of the "Varsity Track" website.  Directions to meets are found under "Links" on the "Varsity Track" website


  • Monday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:45
  • Tuesday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:45
  • Wednesday: Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30,   Shoe night @ Boulder Running Company 5:45-7:00pm  15% off shoes and merchandise
  • Thursday: Practice at Doherty,  Shirt and compression short orders due
  • Friday:  Practice at Doherty 3:25-5:30
  • Saturday: D-11 Relays at Garry Berry Stadium Times to be Announced.   Team Building night and Pasta Party 6:00pm-10:00pm at Doherty

Team News

7 years ago @ 11:21AM

Doherty Track & Field in the News
Team News

4 years ago @ 6:33AM

Track and Field Week 1 Week of February 23

DHS Track Week 1

Welcome to the 2015 Track & Field Season.  Schedules and calendars are posted on our website.


  • Monday: No Practice, School District is Closed
  • Tuesday: First Day of Practice  meet in weight room at 3:25 until 5:30 practice is at Doherty  bring a lock and use locker rooms to secure your bags and valuables
  • Wednesday: Practice at DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Thursday: Practice at DHS 3:25-5:30  Mandatory Parent Meeting 5:30pm in the Cafeteria
  • Friday: Practice at DHS 3:25-5:30
  • Saturday: Mandatory Practice at DHS in small gym,  meet in the weight room at 8:30am- 11:00am

Athletes must practice in order to compete in meets.  Even excused absences can affect participation in upcoming meets.


Team News

4 years ago @ 1:40PM

Las Vegas Track Classic Information

Meet Website:                   

Track Meet Location Saturday:      Desert Oasis High School 6600 W Erie Ave Las Vegas, NV 89141

Practice Friday 11:00am:               UNLV    Track    Northeast corner of Swenson and Harmon

Team News

4 years ago @ 7:00AM

Early Release Guidelines for Meets

All early release for track meets are sent out the school one week prior to the track meet per school policy.

  • Coaches give enough time for all athletes to get to the meet.  If in the time the excusal is given out to the staff and the day of the meet the student athlete has not been entered in the meet, that student should stay in school
  • Any student needing to stay in their afternoon classes later than the early release time due to grades or classroom responsibilities parents and athletes may opt to stay in school longer, but still have athlete at the meet for their events.

Team News

4 years ago @ 1:42PM

Track Team Pictures Tuesday March 31st

Team Pictures Tuesday March 31st at Garry Berry Stadium 3:30pm

Order form is located under the files tab on the "Varsity Track" link

Team News

5 years ago @ 8:42AM

2014 Track Video

Here is the link to the 2014 track season video created by Mr. Lebaron

Team News

4 years ago @ 3:13AM

Glenn Peterson Heat Sheets Posted Under Team Files

The Heat sheets are posted for Glenn Peterson Meet Saturday. 

Go to Team Files under Track or go to


Team News

4 years ago @ 12:52PM

JV Meet at Sierra Wed. April 8

Wed. April 8 Meet Information 

The meet sheet is located under files as JV Meet Sheet.  It includes schedule of meets as well as order of events tomorrow and April 15, 22, 28.

Parents,  I apologize for not having a bus to drop us off tomorrow at Sierra High School.  After talking with kids today I see we have a need for a bus to JV meets when they fall during the school day.

I have made arrangements for busses to drop us off at the meets Wed. April 15, Wed. April 22, and Tuesday April 28.  It is too late to set up a bus for tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support of Doherty Track & Field

Go Spartans!

Team News

3 years ago @ 5:02PM

Cross Country Off Season Week 9 July 27-July 30

XC Off Season Week 9: Three weeks until season begins

Monday: @ DHS 6:00pm Run and lift

Tuesday: @ BEAR CREEK PARK EAST 6:00pm.  Hills on the State Course

Wednesday: @ DHS Bring a frisbee or soccer ball

Thursday: @ MVP North Fontanero and Culebra for K's and fun.  We'll give last information regarding camp.

Team News

3 years ago @ 8:59AM

Cross Country Off Season Week 6 July 6-11

Cross Country Update

Thank you to everyone who helped out at the Hu Hot Half Marathon July 4th. Our Next Aid station day is Sunday July 19th at the Barr Trail Mnt. Race.  We'll be start finish so only have to hike up to the Cog railway station on Ruxton Ave.  Our theme is servants.  We will be wearing white gloves and tuxedo t- shirts not sure how the girls should dress yet.  Will need help with that one.

Thursday Everyone meet at Monument Valley North for 2k's.  Everyone should be running a minimum of 35 miles this week.

We need a count on number of people going to the Team XC Camp. Let Coach Duensing know ASAP


Team News

3 years ago @ 2:51PM

Cross Country Off Season Week 4: June 22-25

XC Week 4 Off Season: 8 weeks Until the Season Begins

Monday:  At DHS 6:00pm-7:15

Tuesday: At Palmer Park  6:00pm-7:15 Green Crest Entrance located at Brenner Pl. and Austin Bluffs.  Park on Brenner

Wednesday: At DHS 6:00pm-7:15

Thursday:  At Monument Valley Park North 6:00pm-7:15  located at Fontanero and Culebra


Team News

7 years ago @ 5:00PM

Gazette Article on Spartan Hurdlers
Team News

7 years ago @ 10:52AM

Doherty Track & Field in the News April

Gazette Article Highlighting Boys Hurdlers, High Jumper Matt Becar's PR and number 2 ranking in State and the win at the Terror Invite.
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