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Spartans Athletics

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Spartans Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

9 years ago @ 2:13PM

Season End Banquet

The banquet will begin tomorrow, Wednesday evening, at 5:30 at the Antelope Ridge Clubhouse.  Come straight east on Barnes almost to MarkSheffel.  Turn right onto Antelope Ridge, then immediately left on Gray Fox.   The clubhouse will be right in front of you.   See you there...

Team News

9 years ago @ 6:06AM


Boys Tennis banquet has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, in the Antelope Ridge Clubhouse from 5:30 to about 7:30.  The food will be catered by Bird Dog Barbeque and cost is $9 per person ($5 under 12.)  The guys were all given written information yesterday at practice.  I would appreciate responses from everyone (yes and/or no) by Monday, October 10 so that we can get everything arranged.  Thanks, and hope to see you all there.

Team News

9 years ago @ 5:01AM


Yesterday's match against Pine Creek has been rescheduled for Monday, September 26 at Pine Creek courts at 3:30 p.m.  The guys will be released early on that day (2:30.)

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9 years ago @ 3:04PM

Spartans Stomp Scorpions

Congratulations to all varsity players on an excellent round of matches today.  No team dropped more than two games in any set, and two teams (#4 Doubles, Ian Bidwell and Zach Gillham, and #2 Doubles, Matt Dubois and Ryan Greene) beat their opponents without giving up a single game.  Great concentration and focus in a contest where we could easily have played without much intensity.

Remember - PICTURES TOMORROW!  Parents, boys should have order sheets with  them.  If you haven't seen them, search your sons'  tennis bags, pockets, cars, trapper-keepers, etc.  They are there somewhere.  Most basic package this year (1 5x7 team and 1 3x5 individual in memory mate mat) is $15.  If you have questions, feel free to call us tomorrow (210-1861) for answers.    

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9 years ago @ 3:03PM

Close Match with Rampart

The boys tennis team came up just a little short in a very closely contested match with league rival Rampart at our home courts this afternoon.  All players fought hard, with 4 matches going 3 sets.   Brandon Sidney won easily at 3 Singles; both 2 and 3 Doubles teams (Matt Dubois/Ryan Greene and JordanBlake/Connor Barry) dropped the first set but came on strong to win the second and third.   #2 Singles and #1 Doubles were just a few points away from victory but couldn't quite close their opponents out this time. Congratulations to the whole team on good physical and mental tennis...

Monday we will take on Sand Creek at their courts, expecting to add another win to our record.


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9 years ago @ 2:51PM

Team Photos

Tennis Team Pictures will be taken after school on Tuesday, September 13.

     *Guys should bring clean uniforms to school to put on for photos.

     *All team members will have both individual and team pictures taken, whether you wish to purchase them or not.

     *Order forms will be sent home next week on Wednesday.  Ask to see them, please.


Team News

9 years ago @ 2:43PM

Spartans Overpower Terrors

On Thursday on Palmer's home courts, the Spartans played excellent  mental and physical tennis to beat a very competitive Terror team, 6 - 1.  There were several very close matches that required focus and determination to win, especially at 1 and 2 Doubles.  Congratulations to all our players for a great start to the season; so far, this varsity team has defeated 6 opponents and lost to only one in dual play. 

Team News

9 years ago @ 3:10PM

Doherty Bests Coronado 7-0

It  wasn't always pretty, but Doherty boys pulled through several close matches and a couple of tie-breakers to defeat the Cougars at their home courts, 7-0.  Thanks to all the family and friends who came out to support the guys yesterday before the rainout, and then came again today to help pull us through.

We are hoping to refocus our efforts tomorrow and play really well against a competitive Palmer  team downtown.  They only have four courts, so expect matches to go  a little later again.  And bring your own chairs...there is no seating at the courts. 

Team News

9 years ago @ 10:54PM

Strong Second Place Finish in Air Academy Tournaament

Doherty finished second in a week-end tournament which featured a lot of excellent play and exciting matches against  four other schools. 

After defeating Widefield (7-0) in the morning on the 26th, the guys came back in the afternoon for a hard-fought victory against a very competitive team from Rampart.  Doherty emerged on top (4-3) by  winning two very close matches at 2 Singles (Sam Bennion, 3-6, 7-5, 10-7tie-break) and 1 Doubles (Noah Jones and Josh Beverly, 6-3, 7-5.)

   Then on the second day, amid the carnival atmosphere of the near-by charity run, our guys focused on the tough task of beating the frontrunners, Castle View.  3 Doubles (Jordan Blake and Connor Barry) and 4 Doubles (Ian Bidwell and Zach Gillham) kicked off the day with solid wins. Then Noah and Josh (1 Doubles) again played extremely well, and although starting out down three games, they fought back to take 6 straight games and went on to win 6-3, 6-4.  At 1 Singles, Scott Weaver sealed the victory with a 6-3, 2-6, (11 - 9) clutch match that we had to have to make the finals against Air Academy later that afternoon.

  By 3:00, with bad weather threatening, our guys were hopeful, but also pretty tired, physically and mentally, and in the end were overpowered by a very tough, very experienced varsity from Air Academy.

As coaches, we are really proud of how all our players competed against all opponents and the level of sportsmanship they exhibited in every match-up.  We consider ourselves very lucky to be working with these young men and look forward to seeing them continue to improve as the season progresses.


Team News

9 years ago @ 10:01PM

Varsity Players

After extensive challenges and play-offs, our Varsity team is now set, at least for the next few weeks. The following players have made the team at the following positions:

1 Singles - Scott Weaver (Sr.)

2 Singles - Sam Bennion (Sr.)

3 Singles - Brandon Sidney (Sr.)

1 Doubles - Noah Jones (So.) and Josh Beverly (Sr.)

2 Doubles - Matt Dubois (Sr.) and Ryan Greene (Sr.)

3 Doubles - Jordan Blake (Sr.) and Connor Barry (Sr.)

4 Doubles - Ian Bidwell (Jr.) and Zach Gillham (Sr.)

Spencer Van Horn will be our Super Sub this year and replace varsity players due to absences, illness,  injury, or disciplinary actions. 

Congratulations to these 11 players!!!  All other team members will be considered Junior Varsity unless further challenges change their position on the team.
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