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Spartans Athletics

.Doherty High School


Spartans Athletics

.Doherty High School

Spartans Athletics

.Doherty High School

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 10:16AM

Schedule for 6/1 - 6/5

Tuesday 6/1

Varsity Tournament @ Shining Mountain Golf Club 9 am start. 

No practice as Cherokee Ridge has a large junior camp from 9-3 pm


Wednesday 6/2

JV Tournament @ Kings Deer Golf Course 9 am start. Please arrive at the golf course around 830.

Optional practice - Time TBD


Thursday 6/3 

Varsity Tournament @ Silver Spruce Golf Course 8 am start.

Practice at CR from 9-1030 am. Time to work on hitting woods and putt.


Friday 6/4

Practice at CR from 12-2 pm. Hitting irons, making short putts, and chip


Saturday 6/5 

Practice round at Coyote Creek 140 and 150 tee times. Please try to arrive at Coyote around 1230 pm.


Email me if you have any questions!

Team News

7 months ago @ 8:14AM

Schedule for 5/24 to 5/28

Monday 5/24

Practice at CR 

2:00 pm to 3:30

Work on hitting woods and speed control with the putter


Tuesday 5/25

Tee times on the Par 3 at CR

1245, 1255, 105pm - Please try to get to CR around 1230 

We will be done around 2, 215


Wednesday 5/26 

Practice at CR from 1230 - 2 pm

We will focus on hitting irons and chip


Thursday 5/27

Playing the Par 3 at CR

Tee times are 1005, 1015, and 1025 am, we will be done around noon on Thursday


Friday 5/28

No practice enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Please email me if you have questions!

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:10PM

Schedule for 5/17 to 5/20

Monday 5/17 

Varsity Tournament at Woodmoor Country Club 10 am start

No practice in the afternoon


Tuesday 5/18

No practice due to Graduation


Wednesday 5/19

Varsity Tournament at Pine Creek - 8 am start

JV tournament at CR - 255 start

No practice 


Thursday 5/20

Practice from 345 - 515

Focus on hitting longer clubs like woods and driver as well as chip


Friday 5/21

Practice from 345 - 515

Short game day, lots of chipping and putting!


Looking forward to a crazy week!! Email me if you have questions.

Team News

8 months ago @ 8:38AM by Colin Prater

Schedule for 5/10 - 5/14

5/10 - Bad weather, no practice. If you are in the building for school and have paid for your polo, please come see me. 


5/11 -  Bad weather, no practice. If the forecast changes, I will send out an announcement through remind. 


5/12 - JV tourney at CR our tee time is 2:55. Please get to the course by 230

Those not playing in the JV tourney will practice from 330 - 5 pm. We will work on full swing and putting. 


5/13 - Varsity tournament at CR. 9am shotgun please arrive no later than 8:15

Practice from 330 - 5. We will work on hitting short irons and chipping. 


5/14 - Everyone will play the par 3, 405 - 415 - 425 are the three tee times. We will be done around 530. 

Team News

8 months ago @ 2:18PM

Doherty Remote Status

Afternoon all:


We’ve just been informed that Doherty is moving to full remote status as of this afternoon through May 9th, and we are incapable of having any practices or tourneys through that time.  We will keep all contests as is starting May 10th, and I will work to schedule new contests as soon as I can. I apologize for this inconvenience—it’s difficult for everyone connected to Doherty as you can imagine.


Please email me if you have questions. I will send out practice plans for next week so if you have time on your own you can get out and practice.

Team News

8 months ago @ 3:08PM

Spring Video from Athletic Director Leasure

From Mrs. Leasure,

"The link is live for my portion of the Season D Parent/Athlete meeting—here is the link to send to your parents. A reminder that they need to watch and reply to the turn and talk question by the end of this week, please.

Team News

8 months ago @ 11:06AM by Colin Prater

Schedule for 4/26 thru 4/30


Varsity Tournament: Spartan Invite @ CSCC 9am start

Practice: 345 to 515 CR



Practice: 345 to 515 CR



JV tournament @ CR

Tee times: TBD

Practice: 345 to 515 CR



Varsity Tournament: Lady Trojan Invite @ Cheyenne Shadows 8am start

Practice: 345 to 515 CR



No practice today. Have an awesome weekend!




Team News

9 months ago @ 9:37AM by Colin Prater

Schedule for 4/19 - 4/23

Super excited to start today 4-19. The first varsity tournament is one week from today, our very own Spartan Invitational!! The schedule for the week is below, please communicate with me if a conflict arises. And as always we are at the mercy of the weather. I would always like to practice if possible so I may not cancel practice until the last minute. Please try to be flexible. I will try to update the website promptly but you may always email me if you have questions at 

We will always practice at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course, I will abbreviate it CR from this moment on. 


345 to 530pm (CR)



No practice today with the snow on the ground and the cold temperatures expected. The high tomorrow last I checked would hover around 35 so I will double-check that the golf course is open and then make a decision. I will update the golf page and send out another email in the morning.


Have a great Tuesday!



345 to 530pm (CR) 

The weather forecast looks terrible again today. Practice is optional today. I will get to CR between 330 and 345 today if anyone wants to join. The weather forecast looks better tomorrow and Friday with some possible rain intermixed. I had planned for all to practice one day and play the par 3 the other day. If you would like to practice, I will be there, if you’d prefer to stay out of the cold, no worries, I will see you tomorrow.


Have a great Wednesday!



345 to 600pm (CR)

405 and 415 Tee times on the par 3



Sorry for the late notice,


I did not want to believe the forecast for the day and waited as long as possible. We practiced in the elements yesterday, but I feel it wouldn’t be beneficial to do that two days in a row. So, no practice today.


The weather this weekend looks great. Since you are on the girl's golf team, you have access to half-price range balls and 5 dollar green fees on the par 3 on the days we don’t practice. Normally, they will give you a range bucket for free though. Just let the front desk know you are a part of the Doherty team.  I will be out at Cherokee practicing both days, so let me know if you will be out there as well.


Have an awesome weekend, see you Monday!


Please also join the team remind group. I sent all of you emails.