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Team News.

Team News

2 days ago @ 1:37PM

Girls Basketball - This Weeks Schedule

Great job by all teams this last week! Nine games as a program and 9 wins! The girls have earned a well deserved day off so we will take off on Tuesday. C-team will be released at 2:30pm tomorrow (Monday), and both JV and C-team will be released at 2pm on Friday. We will have a bus to and from Air Academy for the C-team. The C-team girls may ride home from the game with a parent but must sign out first. Just an FYI, on our "Film Study"  days any of the girls can show up for film. Varsity is required to be there but any of the girls at any level who would like to show up please do so.


Monday, January 14th

2:30pm C-team released from class

3:15pm C-team arrive at Wasson

4pm C-team home vs. Columbine

4pm JV arrive at Wasson

4:30pm Varsity film study

5:30pm JV home vs. Columbine

7pm Varsity home vs. Columbine


Tuesday, January 15th

All Teams Off


Wednesday, January 16th

6-8pm Varsity and JV practice

6:45-8:15pm C-team practice


Thursday, January 17th

5:30pm Varsity film study

6-7:30pm JV and Varsity practice

6:45-8:15pm C-team practice


Friday, January 18th  - *Breast Cancer Awareness Game

2:00pm JV and C-team released from class

2:30pm C-team bus leaves Doherty for Air Academy HS

3pm JV arrive at Palmer HS

3:30pm JV vs. Palmer 

4pm C-team at Air Academy HS

5pm Varsity arrive at Palmer HS

6pm (approx.) C-team bus arrives back at Doherty

6:30pm Varsity vs. Palmer HS 


Saturday, January 19th

10am C-team arrive at Palmer HS

10:30am C-team vs. Palmer

JV and Varsity - Show up at Palmer and support the C-team! (No Practice)
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