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Spartans Athletics

Doherty High School


Spartans Athletics

Doherty High School

Spartans Athletics

Doherty High School

Boosters Home.

Our Mission -

"The 300 Athletic Club will provide supplemental funds to improve all athletic programs, promote school spirit endorse sportsmanship and recognize our student athletes."

Your Membership Supports Doherty's Athletic Programs

Each $175.00 membership makes up our primary source of funds. For details on what you receive with a membership click here to see the Membership form listed under files tab.

We present the opportunity at the Fall, Winter and Spring Sport Parents Meeting.  Here is the breakdown on what we do with the money.

--100% of the money stays at DHS for athletic programs.

--25% is designated for transportation and is used to help with transportation needs not covered by district funding.

--The remaining 75% is awarded through the following process:    Early Spring – each coach has the opportunity to present funding requests for their sport.
   Late Spring – a representative from each sport and the board of the 300 Club meet. They review each request and vote to award the money . Majority rules and each member sport gets a single vote.

Questions – Contact a member of the 300 Club Board of Directors listed under the Officers tab or e-mail your 300 Club President,

Terry Anderson at

Go Spartans!