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Spartans Athletics

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Spartans Athletics

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5 months ago @ 4:19PM

CHSAA Seasons B - D Updates as of 12.7.20

Dear Spartans and Parents:


This morning during a statewide AD meeting, we found out that the Colorado Department of Health & Education and therefore the Governor’s office is unwilling to engage in conversations surrounding CHSAA-sanctioned sports while so many counties in Colorado are in Red. This is simply a reality of what we are currently facing. They are willing to re-engage in the conversation mid-January, so we were told this morning to plan for a January 25th practice start date and a February 1st competition start date for Season B.  I have included an informational slide from this morning’s meeting regarding Season B.  I wanted you to have this information so you have the ability to make some sort of plans.  It goes without saying, however, that if we happen to still be in Red mid-January, early-February, we may be having a different conversation. We will hope that is not the case. Because we are not starting Season B sports, we will not begin registration until January 4th.


There are several things for which we need to be thankful.  We have good reason to hope that we will be more in the clear by February with COVID, and if that is the case, we will still be able to engage in 3 shortened high school seasons on top of the fall sports that are already complete. CHSAA has planned that student-athletes will still be able to engage in all sports they wish to play, and that isn’t happening everywhere across the United States, so we can be glad for that.  We also live in a state where high school officials are working to get us back to both in-person school and athletics and activities—we can be thankful that we have officials in decision-making positions that have the best interests of kids at heart.  Things may not work exactly how we hope, but we have to continue to move forward with hope and a positive outlook.  I am straight-up excited for the opportunity for our kids to compete!


We are working now on the plan to have athletics and activities in-person with significant restrictions, and we are working closely with D11 for what that plan might look like.  Parents, please watch for information from your coaches/sponsors regarding that pre-season work.  I would definitely plan on only Season B sports or imminently-scheduled activities engaging in pre-season before Christmas break, if at all.


Thank you, parents and athletes, for your dedication to SPARTA—we look forward to a few months down the road—finish the semester strong and look forward to the new semester.  With this shortened schedule, good grades will be even more important than ever!


Please reach out with any questions or concerns! Business Office Hours over the last two weeks of the semester will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.


Stephanie Leasure

Athletic Director/Business Manager

Doherty High School

Twitter: @DHSAthletics

Facebook: DohertyAthletics



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